About Us

TemplatesOwl.com is an online resource that helps you prepare legal documents that you might need to sell or buy a car or do some other paperwork for personal, family, or business purposes. On our website, you will find thousands of legal templates created according to the requirements and laws of every US state. All you have to do is download, fill out, and print or use the document online.

Our story and goals

One of the main goals behind TemplatesOwl was to save vital human resources — energy, time, and money. Once faced with car sale paperwork, we realized how tedious this process could be:

  • Searching for information about the sale process in your specific state;
  • Preparing the necessary documents and filing them;
  • Drafting a bill of sale with an attorney, and so on.

Having come all the way, we defined for ourselves the main points and difficulties and put them into detailed guides on our website, providing solutions and recommendations.

In case of additional questions, you can always contact us at support@templatesowl.com.