Free Alaska Bill of Sale Template

Including a bill of sale will tailor extra security for any purchase and sale. This legal paperwork contains necessary data on the property sold and acquired, the participants of the deal, and proof of ownership transfer. The bill of sale template differs from territory to territory. There are cases when counties within one state advance alternative demands. We encourage you to follow the review and learn about regulations for the Alaska bill of sale form.

What is a Bill of Sale in Alaska?

In the state of Alaska, a BOS form registers the fact that a transaction has taken place, and once the parties sign and date the contract, the property under discussion comes to be in possession of the new owner. The terms of the acquisition are determined by the parties. Thus one can trade an item for monetary funds, another item, or realize the property as a gift. These data must be submitted in the form.

Creating a BOS certificate is a recommendation when one person (recognized as a seller or trader) desires to sell any kind of personal property to another individual (a purchaser). Following its purpose, a bill of sale registers the inherent information and description of the item, includes the identification of both parties, the details of the payment method or trade, and authorization.

Alaska Bill of Sale Types

Relying on the type of item sold, Alaska bills of sale can be divided into several categories. Each type requires inserting specific data.

General BOS

A general type of this form is advisable once you decide to sell or purchase an item considered personal and household property like a smartphone, television, a coffee machine, a bicycle, a laptop, jewelry, and other objects.

Alaska Vehicle BOS

If you decide to sell or acquire a car or a trailer from a private trader, it is advisable to create a bill of sale form for the auto to collect proof of ownership transfer. You can further use it during the registration procedures.

Alaska Watercraft BOS

Protect your future and safety by building a boat BOS record. The form will be of great assistance while registering the watercraft.

Bill of Sale for Firearms

The document is obligatory at the moment of purchase and must be witnessed by a notary specialist.  

A Snowmachine BOS in Alaska

The paper corresponds to the 808 Form and establishes the act of possession transfer of off-road transportation.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

In Alaska, a BOS document equals a receipt and is required to obtain insurance, calculate taxes, register some types of property like vehicles, firearms, or watercraft. The form appears to be legal evidence of sale and acquisition transactions.

Due to specific information that the form contains, the parties reduce future disputes that might occur after the ownership transfer. The BOS contains a detailed description of the property, ID or serial numbers (where applicable), and a list of possible defects.

For private traders, it is important to submit a thorough report on the item and its condition to avoid accusations after the deal. The BOS form proves that the possession is delegated to another person. It is vital for vehicles and firearms. The property may be abused in illegal affairs or accidents after the moment of sale. The previous owner will be able to prove his or her noninvolvement.

For a purchaser, it is vital to inspect the property and compare it with the info provided in the document to omit possible damages and accidents (especially if you deal with vehicles).

Alaska Laws and Requirements

While a general bill of sale recommended for registering sales of household items is a DIY form, bill of sale forms for vehicles, boats, and firearms demand control.

  • Motor vehicles and watercraft BOS forms are required during the registration at the DMV. The process is conducted by §05.25.55 of the Alaska Statutes.
  • Gun purchase and registration are regulated by §18.65.700 of the Alaska Statutes and Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit Program. The Alaska gun BOS must be acknowledged by a notary public.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Alaska?

  • BOS record is needed for registering vehicles when buying from private dealers.
  • Yes, when registering watercraft, you can provide the BOS form as evidence of possession.
  • The Alaska firearm bill of sale is compulsory when buying a gun and must be acknowledged by a notary public.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Alaska

After you have negotiated and determined the agreements orally, create a bill of sale form to have the sale terms registered. We authorize you to use our form-building software to generate a relevant BOS type online and successfully fill it out. Be prepared to share the below-listed information:

  • Introduce the Parties

This paragraph should cover the data regarding the identities of both participants of the deal: names, addresses, contact data.

  • Describe the Property

Share detailed information about the item. Depending on the type of agreement, this could be the serial number, VIN (for vehicles), HIN (for watercraft), color, make, year, model, and other specifications like possible defects.

  • Sign and Acknowledge the Form by a Notary (Where Necessary)

An Alaska bill of sale form should be signed by the trader and purchaser regardless of its type. The parties need to place their names, the current calendar date, and signatures.

The Alaska BOS for firearms requires mandatory notarization. Make sure to sign the form in the presence of a notary and collect his or her acknowledgment.