Free Alabama Bill of Sale Template

If you are thinking of buying a car, a boat, or a weapon within the state, make sure to provide proper sales records and use the Alabama Bill of Sale Form to do so. The form implies a title of transferring procedure and applies to any tangible property. State authorities use the bill of sale form for tracking items’ possession history and preventing criminal activity. Please, pay special attention to the specific legal regulations concerning titling procedures of each county.

What is a Bill of Sale in Alabama?

One can transfer ownership over certain items upon a trade deal. A BOS has many various uses. It is the only legal form that can help you confirm your purchase and contain the necessary details to identify your property if needed. Relevant BOS forms make the sale process more transparent. The buyer can see what they pay for, and the seller cannot suddenly elevate the established price or provide you with the wrong item.

The ownership is considered reassigned when both sides sign and notarize the bill of sale.

Alabama Bill of Sale Types

Bills of Sale vary greatly, according to their purpose and compilation requirements. Hereunder, we will briefly describe each one of them:

  • General Bill of Sale. With this bill of sale type, one can reassign ownership of virtually any item, from an animal to a piano. Both entities and individuals can be a party to this sales transaction.
  • Vessel Bill of Sale. If you need to establish the boat price and prove your ownership use the BOS for vessels. Local authorities require this form to register the watercraft. Please note that an invoice will not do for performing a registration procedure.
  • Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. The new owner must register the vehicle within 20 days since the purchase, which is impossible to do without a BOS. Contact your local DMV office (Department of Motor Vehicles) and provide them with all the necessary vehicle details to issue a new certificate of title.
  • Firearm bill of sale. Weapons have always been a rather sensitive issue for most states. Only a relevant bill of sale form will allow you to transfer ownership over a firearm legally. In Alabama, all individuals must have a concealed carry permit to handle a gun. However, no permit is required to buy it.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

Unfortunately, not all buyers and sellers are upstanding citizens. Property items are often subject to fraud and criminal activity. That is why all the state services keep sales records and possession history. For example, if a firearm becomes a piece of crime evidence, the police can trace it back to its last owner or dealer who sold it.

There are many examples of situations when you could use a bill of sale. Make sure to keep your records to avoid any misunderstanding and false accusations.

Alabama Laws and Requirements

State titling laws and procedures vary from one county to another. All relations regarding ownership transitions are regulated by the Code of Alabama 1975 (Section 810-5-1-246).

The Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR) issues all sales-related documents. One should take into account that the department does not provide for BOS forms in languages other than English, nor it offers translation. You must be fluent in English to receive the certificate of title. However, if you need the bill of sale solely for distribution between the parties, you can perform it in any language you want, as long as the parties understand its contents.

There is no standard Alabama Bill of Sale Form that would be applicable in the whole state. Each county has its legal specifications and forms. You can usually find the necessary templates on the local government’s official website, along with the guidelines on how to fill them out. Thus, make sure you meet the legal requirements of the specific county.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Alabama?

A BOS is not always required for state property registration. It depends on the specific situation. For example, you do not need a BOS if you are buying a motor vehicle in the state to register it. However, if you are selling the vehicle and has no existing title, you need a valid BOS to report it properly. This particular rule is designed to counter fraud and criminal activity.

A corresponding bill of sale is required to register any other tangible property. If there already is a certificate of title, you need to reassign the ownership.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Alabama

Obtain the correct Alabama Bill of Sale Form before proceeding further. Keep in mind that a specific form might be required for your county, so check with the local rules and regulations beforehand to avoid complications.

You may use our software tools to build any necessary legal form. Once you have printed out the form, follow our step-by-step instructions to fill it out:

  • Provide the Parties’ Personal Data

Enter the signatories’ full names and physical addresses, a DBA name (if applicable), and contact information, including daytime contact number, fax number, and e-mail address.

  • Insert a Detailed Item Description

Fill in the item’s identification information into the corresponding blank spaces. Mark the make, model, body type, serial number, and production year.

  • Provide Date and Signatures

If the submitted information is accurate, all parties should put their signatures, printed names, and current date in the BOS form as a sign of their consent.

  • Ensure Witnesses and Notarization

All bills of sale in Alabama must be either notarized or have two witnesses sign the document.