Free Arizona Bill of Sale Template

Private property is the core of any modern developed society, and laws and regulations protect this right in various ways. In this article, we will get acquainted with one of them.

The Arizona Bill of Sale Form is an official record of a sale that proves ownership transfer. It may apply to an animal, a watercraft, a weapon, a bike, a motorcycle, a car, or any other tangible property. The bill of sale form contains exhaustive information on the purchased object, which the buyer and the seller can use for their purposes.

What is a Bill of Sale in Arizona?

A BOS provides legal proof of a sales transaction. It is a document that contains both signatories’ personal and contact data, sold item identification data, and legal confirmation of the ownership transfer (notarization). Thus, the state helps to make the civil-law relationships more transparent and fights against fraud. Parties can use this document to resolve any occurring payment or ownership disputes.

Arizona Bill of Sale Types

Different bills of sale serve different legal purposes. You need to choose the necessary BOS type depending on the item you plan to buy or register. Here are the main Arizona bill of sale categories:

  • General Bill of Sale

This document is suitable for deals with any kind of personal property. It contains payment information and a general object description.

  • Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

This form is a receipt for buying a motor vehicle. The document is required for registering new ownership. Please note that you will need to register the vehicle within 15 days since the purchase.

  • Firearm Bill of Sale

State authorities do not mind people carrying a concealed weapon, but one needs to do it properly. A carrier can be subject to penalties (up to 300 dollars) for carrying a weapon without registration. The bill of sale will help you confirm that you have purchased the firearm legally and register it.

  • Vessel Bill of Sale

Submit this BOS form to your local Arizona Fish and Game Agency office to register your new watercraft. The state authorities strictly prohibit operating a vessel in local waters without a proper registration form and relevant decals.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

A Bill of Sale is a very important and useful document. We have already established that both sides of a sales transaction need the BOS records to confirm the purchase and ownership transfer. Besides that, the seller might use the BOS form to avoid liability for a low-quality product or item. When the parties sign the bill of sale, they establish that all indicated information is accurate, and the signatories do not have any complaints. On the other hand, the buyer can prove payment and register the item in the relevant state services.

The Arizona Bill of Sale contains the necessary information about the purchased item. You may need this form to identify your property (if it ever gets stolen) or file for a lawsuit.

Arizona Laws and Requirements

The Arizona Revised Statute regulates all state titling procedures. You may find the necessary details here or check out the Arizona State Legislature official website.

Ownership laws and requirements vary from state to state. Even some counties have their legislative peculiarities as well. Therefore, make sure to check with the current versions of the local statutes and codes.

Arizona has strict rules for motor vessels and concealed weapons registration. You have to be a resident and obtain a relevant bill of sale form to do things properly. If you have recently purchased a motor vessel, you should register it as soon as possible. You will not be able to use your watercraft unless you follow all recommendations. Complete the vessel BOS form along with an application and submit the papers to the Arizona Fish and Game Agency with the return address.

The same recommendation applies to the concealed carry registration. Contact the local Concealed Weapons Permit unit before you embark on the registration process. Make sure to provide the bill of sale copies to all signatories and save some copies to submit to the relevant state services.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Arizona?

In Arizona, you only need the bill of sale form to register a motorboat, a concealed weapon, and all kinds of motor vehicles. Local laws and regulations require providing special application forms along with the bill of state for registration.

It is strictly prohibited to use any kind of motorized watercraft without registration in the state. Only sail and paddle vessels do not require registration.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Arizona

First, you need to choose the necessary bill of sale form depending on the item acquired. Once you have done that, use our software tools to build that form and insert accurate information. Please, follow our recommendations on filling out the BOS form:

  • Provide the Parties’ Personal Data

Enter parties’ full names and physical addresses. Other personal information might be required for the specialized bill of sale forms (driver’s license number).

  • Insert a Detailed Item Description

Provide the item’s detailed description in this section. Make sure to fill in the necessary identification information into the corresponding blank spaces. Keep in mind that you will need this data for item registration.

  • Provide Date and Signatures

Both signatories shall put their printed names, signatures, and current date before a notary public seals the document.

  • Ensure Notarization

Remember, the document requires notarization. Make sure that the notary public is present at the BOS signing. Let the specialist put a printed name, signature, and state seal as well.