Free Delaware Bill of Sale Template

In Delaware, as in any other state, multiple private transactions of goods occur every day. Creating a Delaware bill of sale form is a logical and reliable way of documenting such deals.

Generally, bills of sales are legal documents signed by the seller or both parties. Bills of sale contain the most important details of the transaction. Any free bill of sale, independently of the state it is created in, would contain the following details:

  • Personal information
  • Description of goods

The specifics may differ from state to state. Moreover, the requirements for a bill of sale may also depend upon the local regulations. Keep reading to find out what the regulations are in Delaware.

What Is a Bill of Sale in Delaware?

After the seller and the purchaser have discussed the details of the deal and agreed on the selling price, they often discuss whether they want to create a bill of sale documenting these details. In some states, they would not have a different choice, but others, including Delaware, leave it up to the parties. Whatever side of the transaction you are on, it is always good practice to get a bill of sale done.

The Delaware bill of sale form may solve many anticipated and unexpected complications arising from a private deal. While you get a receipt if you have made a purchase at a shop or from an official dealer, in a private transaction, you may walk away without receiving any proof that the transaction has happened.

A bill of sale documents the fact that the transaction has happened and you have paid the money. If you are the seller, the Delaware bill of sale form will serve as proof of you transferring the ownership, meaning you are not responsible for the item anymore.

Delaware Bill of Sale Types

There are different types of bill of sale forms. All of them are widely used in Delaware.

Delaware Vehicle Bill of Sale

A vehicle bill of sale is needed when proof of transferring the rights to a vehicle is required. It includes information about the vehicle, such as its make, model, and identification number.

Delaware Watercraft Bill of Sale

Just as with a vehicle bill of sale, a watercraft bill of sale in Delaware includes information about the watercraft so that it can be identified.

Delaware Firearm Bill of Sale

A buyer does not need a valid state permit to buy a firearm in Delaware. This is one of the reasons why the seller may want to make the transaction as transparent and safe as possible by creating a firearm bill of sale.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

Even though you may believe that the deal is transparent and easy to make, you should be careful when selling or buying expensive items, especially items that can potentially harm other people.

If any complications arise after the sale, both parties may need easily available proof of transferring the rights to the item. A bill of sale is one of the most straightforward and fast ways of securing the parties’ rights.

Delaware Laws and Requirements

The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles does not state that having a bill of sale is a requirement for registering or titling a vehicle. It mentions the bill of sale as an alternative to indicating the selling price on the title of the vehicle though. This is one of the very common reasons for creating a bill of sale (if the title is not available or cannot be filled out).

You need to complete registration and titling procedures in Delaware when buying a vehicle or a watercraft. Both parties are required to sign the title. The seller also needs to complete a registration card or the report of sale, while the buyer needs to complete an application.

You must register your motorboat in Delaware, even if it is powered by an electric motor, if you plan to use it in Delaware. This can be helpful in the future if it gets stolen, for example. The purchaser has to fill out a registration application. You can find out more by contacting the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Delaware?

You are not required by local laws to have a bill of sale to register a vehicle, watercraft, or firearm in Delaware. You also do not need to notarize these. Nevertheless, it is never a bad idea to create a bill of sale, especially if the transaction involves an expensive or potentially dangerous item. A bill of sale releases the liability from the seller, which can become important if an accident involving the item occurs after the purchase.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Delaware

Bills of sale for different items in Delaware have a similar structure. Use our form-building software to create any type of the Delaware bill of sale form by following this guide:

  • Include the Seller’s Details.

The seller includes their name in the form and confirms that they have sold the item.

  • Describe the Item.

The details in this section depend on the type of item. The make, the model, the year, and serial number are most commonly specified here.

  • Specify the Buyer.

The buyer should be easily identifiable, so their name and address should be included in the form.

  • Put the Selling Price and the Date.

The date of sale and the actual selling price should always be included in any bill of sale. This is probably the most important part of the form, together with the buyer’s details.

  • Sign the Form.

At least the seller must sign the bill of sale form.