Free Florida Bill of Sale Template

A bill of sale (BOS) regulates relationships between a seller and a purchaser and proves that the transfer of possession occurs. A Florida bill of sale form ensures a high level of protection to residents who buy and sell the property within the state. In our review, we lead you through the essentials of bill of sale form types, general registration conditions for Florida residents, and guidelines for tailoring a relevant notice of sale document.

What is a Bill of Sale in Florida?

Florida bills of sale are commonly used within the state territories. Some forms serve as receipts, while other types require proper authorization and notary acknowledgment. A general BOS form claims immediate transfer of possession, while vehicle and vessel bills of sale do not guarantee new ownership. You need to apply for registration to obtain rightful possession and a new title.

Florida Bill of Sale Types

BOS forms vary across the US, as states advance specific demands. In Florida, bill of sale templates fall into two categories: forms for vehicles and watercraft and forms for trading firearms.

Motor Vehicle and Watercraft Bill of Sale

A BOS form for this property type is known as a Notice of Sale and a Bill of Sale for Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, Off-Highway Vehicle or Vessel. This document regulates terms for selling and acquiring both wheels transport and watercraft and is compulsory during registering procedures.

Firearm Bill of Sale

A purchaser and a trader traditionally use a Florida BOS for firearms to register a gun ownership transfer from one person to another. Under Florida laws, residents do not need to report firearm purchases and register guns. However, a gun bill of sale will protect the parties from possible ambiguity and confusing moments after the sale.

General Bill of Sale

General forms are advisable for selling and buying household property and individual items like a Hi-Fi system, a computer, furniture, and other goods of personal use.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

A Florida bill of sale commonly equals a receipt and serves as evidence that a transaction between a trader and a buyer has occurred. It protects both parties from unfavorable situations that might happen after the purchase.

It is compulsory to report newly purchased vehicles and watercraft. One will need to provide a bill of sale as sales proof.

Florida does not oblige its domiciliaries to register gun weapons. Although a firearm bill of sale is facultative, it is recommended to have a completed form to avoid ambiguity and accusations by mistake. Any BOS document contains the current calendar date at the moment of sales, so the signatories can successfully prove their guiltlessness by providing the authorized and valid bill of sale.

Suppose you buy an assault weapon without knowing that. If any issue arises, you can restore your honor and avoid prosecution. Note, it is vital to complete your documents in compliance with the state laws.

Florida Laws and Requirements

Florida advances mandatory registration of recently acquired vehicles and motorized watercraft.

  • Florida Statutes, Chapter 328 appoints the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles qualified to conduct vessel registration activities.
  • Section 320.06(1)(b) of Florida Statutes defines motor vehicle titling and registration terms within the state’s territories.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Florida?

  • Motor vehicles must be registered within a calendar month after the moment of purchase. To obtain a title and new plates, the new owner should apply at Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, providing necessary documentation and paying registration charges.
  • To report a newly purchased motorized vessel, residents should file required documentation in the local County Tax Collector’s Office within a month after the purchase.
  • Firearm items don’t require registration in Florida unless the purchaser or buyer has been accused of a felony.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Florida

Make use of our advanced developments and build a needed bill of sale form.

  • Submit the Property’s Description and Data

Florida bills of sale open with the property’s description. Identify the type of document you are completing picking one of the alternatives: a Notice of Sale or a Bill of Sale.

Describe the transport type, inserting relevant data in the blank slots. Define the year, model, make, and odometer readings.

  • Identify the Parties

Submit the purchaser’s information, including the legal name, address, the calendar date of sale, and the price.

  • Approve the BOS Paperwork

Certify the document by placing both parties’ information and signatures. Also, include the date. Remember that ownership will not change until the new possessor applies for registration and a new title.