Free Georgia Bill of Sale Template

In general, a Bill of Sale (BOS) form. provides security for any property deal. This legitimate report contains essential information on the property and both parties of the deal. The bill of sale form structure contrasts from state to state, so it is crucial to divide between them.

What is a Bill of Sale in Georgia?

The Georgia Bill of Sale is an authoritative report applied to designate the offer of any individual property in the territory of Georgia. One can utilize the Georgia Bill of Sale form to sell a vehicle, a watercraft, some kind of firearm, or any other property type. Contingent upon which Bill of Sale one needs, one may require a legal official public mark before possession may be lawfully moved to the purchaser.

Georgia Bill of Sale Types

Regarding the type of property one strives to sell or purchase, different bills of sale can be split into several segments:

  • Georgia Vehicle BOS. In Georgia, a Bill of Sale for a vehicle should not be legitimately notarially verified. According to the state-provided form, any hand-drafted BOS should include the accompanying data: the names, cell numbers, and address as well as signatures of the dealer and the purchaser. One will likewise require the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Remember to incorporate the deal date and price in dollars, the affirmation of liens, just as lien data.
  • Georgia Watercraft BOS. A Vessel BOS is needed in Georgia for selling a boat property type; however, it doesn’t need notarial verification. Every watercraft BOS should contain: the full names, cell numbers, and addresses, also signatures of the two parties of the deal, the vessel’s manufacturing year, make, and model, just as the vessel length. The date of the deal should likewise be incorporated, the development materials, the color of the boat, and HIN.

While some DOR and WRD archives as to vehicle and vessel deals and their registration hold a punishment of prevarication articulation, the BOS report doesn’t. In any case, as per O.C.G.A. Area 16-10-72, prevaricating oneself can cause a fine of up to 1000 dollars and detainment for a long-term period.

  • Georgia Firearm BOS. In light of the fact that gun laws in Georgia expect you neither to enroll for registration nor convey a license for any gun that is not legitimately arranged as a handgun, a firearm BOS is certainly not a lawful need.

Notwithstanding, you can present a BOS as a polite gesture to the purchaser. Most Gun BOS ought to incorporate the accompanying: full names, as well as personal data like address and cell number, and signatures of purchaser and dealer, the make, model, caliber, and the serial number of the gun, the price, and date of the deal.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

Utilizing a Bill of Sale preserves the purchaser and the dealer from future lawful disagreements regarding the condition or proprietorship of the good. Not to mention, most states require a finished BOS to enlist a vehicle, and many suggest utilizing a BOS in the event that you are purchasing or selling anything over 500 dollars worth.

Moreover, one will additionally observe a BOS alluded to as a proof of sale, a proof of procurement, a business receipt, and an as-is Bill of Sale.

Georgia Laws and Requirements

There are a couple of requirements that one should match to successfully prepare for the completion of the Georgia Bill of Sale:

  • Georgia requires all Vehicle and Vessel deal exchanges to be recorded and registered with a BOS, while a Firearm deal does not require registration. Bills of Sale for Vessel and Vehicles have to be presented to the Georgia Department of Revenue, also known as DOR, to enlist vehicles and the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, shortly WDR, for enrolling vessels.
  • The DOR gives an official archive, called Form T-7, on its site, and the WRD gives the Certified Form to Vessels; nonetheless, one may write out your own BOS, on the off chance that one decides to do as such. The report essentially records that the buy has occurred and fills in as a significant receipt for the dealer and the purchaser.
  • As far as the language specifications are concerned, likewise in all DOR and WDR archives, official Bill of Sales are just imprinted in English.
  • As for the number of copies required, when the purchaser signs the first BOS, the vendor ought to make two duplicates. The dealer should save one for their records and give one to the purchaser.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Georgia?

  • First of all, as already mentioned, the Georgia Bill of Sale will be demanded to enroll a Vessel or a Vehicle
  • When enrolling a firearm, one can implement the BOS form as confirmation of possession of the gun, but the registration is not necessarily demanded

Creating a Bill of Sale in Georgia

In case you have finished the preparation of documents and all other necessary processes for completion of BOS, we encourage one to use our form-building programming to produce an applicable BOS type on the web and effectively round it out. Be ready to share the beneath-recorded data:

  1. Fill out the personal data of the seller and the buyer: full name, address, place of living, cell number and zip code, state, and email (optionally).
  2. Afterward, describe the property, depending on its type. In general, you should provide the serial number (for firearms), VIN (for vehicles), HIN (for watercraft), make, manufacture year, model. Indicate some other peculiarities needed.
  3. Finally, sign and date the document and put the names of both parties of the deal. In case the notarial verification is needed – do so!