Free Hawaii Bill of Sale Template

Once you decide to acquire or trade any kind of property, make sure to protect yourself by registering the ownership transfer in a written manner. A Hawaii bill of sale form is legal paperwork that records the parties’ necessary data, describes the property, establishes the terms of the agreement, and makes the sales process secured.

What is a Bill of Sale in Hawaii?

A free bill of sale form legally confirms relationships between a seller and a purchaser and defines a secured transaction. As a rule, this type of document is required in Hawaii during registration when you acquire automobiles, watercraft, and firearms. Each sales category demands a specific type of the afore-mentioned document. The signatories should fill out the necessary form attentively because, in some cases, a notary acknowledgment is needed.

Hawaii Bill of Sale Types

Different categories of goods and property require specific templates that disclosure relevant data regarding the item. Therefore, the Hawaii bills of sale criteria recognize the below-listed types of the document.

Hawaii Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

A bill of sale for auto is needed to verify that a transfer of possession occurs while acquiring a car from a licensed dealer or a private agent. The document is compulsory and requires notarization regardless of county.

Hawaii Vessel Bill of Sale

In Hawaii, a bill of sale for watercraft is demanded when purchasing a boat from another person. The document contains inherent data about the vessel, the prior owner, and the new owner. Hawaii boat BOS must be acknowledged by a notary public and is indispensable during the registering procedures.

Firearm Bill of Sale

If you want to execute a legal trade or purchase a firearm item, you should create a gun bill of sale; disclosure the essential data regarding the property sold (acquired), the signatories, and the authorities who acknowledge the document. A Hawaii firearm bill of sale must be witnessed and notarized. The form is compulsory when applying for registration at a local Police Department branch office.

General BOS

In Hawaii, a general bill of sale is not mandatory. However, it is a sign of good manners to register major transactions and sales of outstanding property. The general BOS is used when an individual sells or buys household items or personal property like a laptop, jewelry, a dining table, and other related items.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

In Hawaii, a bill of sale is mandatory while acquiring or selling vehicles, watercraft, and firearm property. This legal record equals a receipt and is evidence of possession transfer. A BOS form secures both parties from misunderstanding and disputes that may occur in the future.

Suppose you sell a car, the new owner delays the vehicle’s registration and gets into a car accident. A BOS form is your proof that the automobile no longer belongs to you. So, a vehicle bill of sale helps the trader avoid charges and prosecution.

Because the document contains necessary disclosures and contact details, it protects the buyer from any accusations if the property has been involved in illegal activities and assaults before the purchase.

Hawaii Laws and Requirements

Since the requirements and terms differ from county to county within the state, one should turn to a local office for detailed instructions on registering the purchased property. In Hawaii, you should report recently acquired vessels, motor vehicles, and firearms.

  • Watercraft transport is regulated by the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation.
  • Hawaii Department of Motor Vehicles conducts registration of wheeled transport operating on the roads of Hawaii.
  • Firearm trade and registration is coordinated by §134-2 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Hawaii?

An individual should submit a notarized vehicle bill of sale certificate when applying for a new title, plates, and registration. These requirements must be accommodated regardless of the county where one has executed the deal. However, each county demands a different amount of fees. One should learn inherent details on their county’s official website.

Hawai statutes require that any vessel should be registered within 30 days after the purchase. New residents are granted 60 days to execute the required measures. You should appear at a local Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation office in person, verify your identity and submit the boat BOS and necessary fees.

The Hawaii Police Department executes registration of firearms not later than five days after the purchase. The firearm BOS form might be needed to provide the fact and date of purchase. More specifications and requirements can be learned at your county’s local Police Station.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Hawaii

We encourage you to tailor the necessary Hawaii bill of sale type using our advanced software. Though alternatives have their specifications, all forms contain the below-listed compulsory requirements.

  • Introduce Signatories

Submit the data regarding the seller and the purchaser. The record might include their legal names, physical addresses, contact phone numbers, and driver’s licenses (not always).

  • Describe Property

The item description relies on the category of property sold. The form contains some general data like make, year, and model. You should also fill out specifications like VIN (for vehicles), HIN (for motorboats), and a serial number for firearms. Hawaii BOS for transport may contain mileage disclosures, too.

  • Authorize the Form

Collect the parties’ signatures in the presence of a notary public when you complete a BOS template for watercraft, autos, and guns. Once you enter inherent data, the notary will verify the signatories’ identities, affix the state seal, and place their signature.