Free Idaho Bill of Sale Template

There are various legal documents that ensure the protection of one’s reputation and business honor. Idaho bill of sale form is a special form of document used in Idaho when purchasing any property. Tailoring the bill of sale form, you can legally sell a car, a gun, a horse, a phone, and any other personal property.

In general, a bill of sale is used throughout the United States. Still, the conditions for the creation and filling it vary by state, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this review in detail, here you will find answers to basic questions about Idaho bill of sale.

What is a Bill of Sale in Idaho?

In Idaho, the bill of sale will perform the same functions as it does across the United States. Namely, it makes the process of purchasing a property more secure.

The Bill of Sale is an official document that can be used in court if the need arises. That is why this document’s preparation is important for both the seller and the buyer because, if any difficulties arise after the sale, the bill of sale will help solve them.

You can make a bill of sale when purchasing any property, regardless of the item’s value; it can be a vehicle, a weapon, a smartphone, or a horse.

Idaho Bill of Sale Types

There are several variations of the Bill of Sale. It is important to choose the one that suits you because it will ensure that the form contains all the necessary info, making the document valid.

Vehicle Bill of Sale

This bill of sale alternative is used when transferring a vehicle’s ownership and must contain info about the seller, purchaser, and vehicle.

Boat Bill of Sale

As for the boat bill of sale, it is used when purchasing boats. Such a record should contain information about the watercraft and data about the former and current owner.

Horse Bill of Sale

A horse bill of sale is used when purchasing a horse or a pony. It is concluded between the seller and the buyer and takes effect immediately after signing.

Gun Bill of Sale

This variation of the bill of sale is not mandatory in the state of Idaho. Still, many citizens prefer to secure themselves by having an official form that will report the transfer of rights to firearms.

General Bill of Sale

It is used when purchasing any item, be it furniture or a smartphone.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

In Idaho, a bill of sale is used to keep the seller and buyer safe when purchasing an item of property. A bill of sale is required to register a vehicle, a boat, and a gun. If we are talking about a vehicle, it must be registered in the state of Idaho to obtain a permit to drive.

A detailed description of the item’s defects (if any exist) will help avoid disputes and proceedings after the sale of the item since the buyer’s signature means that the purchaser has read the list of defects and has no claims.

Another important reason for making a bill of sale is the need to protect yourself from being accused of illegal activity. After being sold, the item can be used to commit a crime. In this case, the bill of sale will help prove the previous owner is not involved in the assault since the ownership rights have been transferred to the buyer.

Idaho Laws and Requirements

Although Idaho state’s laws govern not all sales processes, creating a bill of sale is mandatory if necessary to register a boat.

According to Idaho Code Sections 49-501A, 67-7039, 67-7040, and 67-7041, boat registration is only possible with a bill of sale.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Idaho?

The bill of sale will come in handy when registering an item in the state of Idaho. Even though not all purchases need to be registered, a vehicle, watercraft, and firearm are required to be registered in the state, and for this, you need a bill of sale.

As for the vehicle registration, you need a bill of sale to prove that the rights were transferred to you. Vehicle registration is not required to obtain a driving permit.

If we are talking about a watercraft, then everything is about the same as with a vehicle. You need a bill of sale to register your watercraft and obtain permission to use the watercraft in Idaho.

The bill of sale is not required to register a gun since any proof of ownership will be suitable for registering a firearm. But the bill of sale is one of the most reliable forms for proving property rights.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Idaho

Below you will find a universal step-by-step guide on how to make the bill of sale in Idaho. Use our software to build a form.

  • Enter the Parties’ Names

When creating a bill of sale, indicate the seller’s and purchaser’s names, as well as the contact info.

  • Specify Info and Price of the Item

Describe the item being sold in detail, specifying color, size, registration number (if any), and all defects (if any).

  • Sign the Document

After filling in all the required fields, sign the document. Both the seller and the purchaser must append their signatures, as well as the calendar date when a bill of sale is created.