Free Kansas Bill of Sale Template

In the US, to prevent residents from falling victims to fraud when conducting purchase and sale deals, it is recommended that parties create a written contract called a bill of sale form. In our review, a resident of Kansas will find all the necessary information about the purposes that various types of form serve and learn how to create the form.

What is a Bill of Sale in Kansas?

In Kansas, a BOS form protects the person who has obtained and the one who has sold a certain item: it demonstrates the act of the deal and the transfer of proprietorship rights. Moreover, it liberates a former owner of an item from any responsibility for their property. By placing their signature, the buyer accepts the property with all its flaws and defects.

Kansas Bill of Sale Types

Common categories of property items for which a bill of sale is used in Kansas are motor vehicles, watercraft, and firearms. For each type of personal estate, it is required to create a special form.

Bill of Sale for Vehicles

This document legally confirms the purchase of a motor vehicle for personal or commercial purposes and the change of proprietorship. Keep in mind that the document should not be signed without the presence of a notary public if you find some information in the form incomplete. In Kansas, the form is required when titling an antique automobile, 35 years old or older.

Watercraft BOS

If you find it necessary, you can create a Bill of Sale for boats, proving that the vessel purchase deal has been conducted. It is mandatory that the form be included in the documentation package necessary for the registering procedure. Notarization is optional.

Bill of Sale for Firearms

Whether to complete a BOS form when participating in a gun trade or purchase is a matter of choice. However, with this form, you will be certain that no claims can be made against you even in some unexpected circumstances and that you are prevented from illegal transactions. Notarization is obligatory.

General Bill of Sale

When any other item participates in a purchase deal, especially a high-valued technically complex device, parties are allowed to complete a General Bill of Sale to prove the act of sale and purchase. Whether it is a TV, a laptop, or a microwave oven, it is always a good idea to add another level of protection of your rights. You are welcome to let a notary agent verify it.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

Apart from all the reasons stated above, the BOS form can come into play during the registering procedure of certain items (a vehicle or a vessel). It can become useful because the document contains disclosures and other information necessary for titling or registering.

Kansas Laws and Requirements

Visit the official websites of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles to find out if there are special requirements you need to consider when you decide to purchase and register a property item. In Kansas, you are responsible for fulfilling all the registration and titling requirements if you buy a vehicle or boat from an individual. Some of them are listed below:

  • Suppose you want to drive your motor vehicle on the state’s roads legally and avoid fines or imprisonment. In that case, you must have your vehicle registered in a local county Treasurer’s Office within 60 days since the vehicle’s acquisition took place. If there is no title or the selling price is not written on the title, submit a bill of sale form.
  • If your motorboat or sailing boat is registered in another state, you have 60 days to operate it on Kansas waterways. After this period ends, you are to report it following Kansas rules. A bill of sale is required during the process.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Kansas?

A bill of sale form is often a part of the documentation package that is to be submitted to complete registration. We have partially touched upon the issue earlier, so let’s dwell upon it in detail.

If you go through a vehicle registering procedure, a BOS form is accepted when titling an antique car as it proves the transfer of proprietorship. Besides, when you register a car, a BOS can become of great assistance to calculate sales taxes as the selling price is indicated there.

Watercraft registration does not go without a bill of sale, either. Kansas residents have only 30 days to register a boat after the acquisition. Visit the Boat Registration Agent’s Office to complete the procedure.

As for firearms, it is not mandatory to register them. Moreover, you do not need to obtain a CCW license if you are 18 years old or older. Although the state does not require a BOS form, filling out the document is a good idea as it ensures your protection.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Kansas

The state has generated its own BOS templates for certain categories of items, so you are welcome to use our form-building software to download the relevant file. If you decide to create your template, make sure that the following sections are included:

  • The Parties’ Info

Add full legal names of the seller and the buyer, insert their addresses and phone numbers (if necessary).

  • Item Details

You are to describe an item. Include VIN (for vehicles), Hull ID (for vessels), make, color, year, and indicate its selling price.

  • Authorization

Let the parties place their signatures and notarize the paper (if necessary).