Free Louisiana Bill of Sale Template

A Louisiana bill of sale allows you to record a private transaction’s details to use as evidence of the transfer of item ownership. Creating a bill of sale form is similar to issuing a receipt. Considering that private transactions happen in Louisiana and across the country every day, you may benefit from familiarizing yourself with this form.

What Is a Bill of Sale in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, when an ownership transaction takes place between private parties, the Louisiana Bill of Sale form is often used. The private parties are the individual private seller and the purchaser. Treat a bill of sale as a binding contract between them.

The following information should always be included in the bill of sale:

  • Seller’s and buyer’s details
  • Their signatures
  • Item description
  • Selling price and date of sale

Remember to describe the item clearly and in detail so that it can be identified easily by other individuals and organizations.

Louisiana Bill of Sale Types

Many varieties of items can be sold privately. Most sellers and buyers want to protect their rights by filling out the Louisiana bill of sale form when making deals with expensive or potentially dangerous items. Continue reading this section to learn about the most commonly used types of this legal document. Note that some of them are required for the registering procedures in Louisiana.

Louisiana Vehicle Bill of Sale

You do not need a bill of sale when registering a vehicle in Louisiana. It is still good practice to obtain one because it will document the transaction clearly and concisely.

Louisiana Watercraft Bill of Sale

When registering a used watercraft in Louisiana from an individual seller, you will need a notarized bill of sale. It means that private sellers in Louisiana have to create a bill of sale to sell a watercraft, and the buyer should keep it for the registration.

Louisiana Firearm Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is not a legal requirement for purchasing or registering a firearm in Louisiana, but when it comes to dangerous items and weapons, it is always better to get a bill of sale and have copies for both parties.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

Certain legal situations may require you to have a bill of sale. For example, you may need one when registering a vessel in Louisiana. A bill of sale can act as proof of ownership of an item in this situation and many others.

The purchaser may not complete the full procedure of registering and titling the newly-bought vehicle or vessel. It is also beneficial for the seller to have a bill of sale if they need to prove that they are no longer liable for that object.

Louisiana Laws and Requirements

You do not need a bill of sale to register a vehicle in Louisiana. Still, you will need a completed application form, as well as proof of identification, such as your driver’s license, insurance, and title.

As we have mentioned, for boat registration, you will need a bill of sale. Remember that a bill of sale needs to be notarized in these cases. You will also need to submit a registration application to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

For firearm purchases, you will not need a bill of sale or registration.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Louisiana?

When buying a vehicle or a firearm in Louisiana, you do not need a bill of sale. The Louisiana bill of sale form will be required, though, when buying a used vessel from an individual seller. You are still advised to create a bill of sale if you are buying an item from a private seller.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Louisiana

You are welcome to use our form-building software to generate the Louisiana bill of sale form. The template suggests that you will follow these steps:

  • Name the Parties.

Include the full names of the seller and the purchaser.

  • Introduce the Object.

Identify the model, make, year of manufacturing, and an ID number (if applicable).

  • Define the Selling Cost and the Date of Deal.

Carefully check that the price indicated in the document matches the actual selling price. Add the selling date.

  • Specify the Date of Signing.

Include the date when both parties and the notary public signed the bill of sale.

  • Let the Parties Sign the Form.

The seller and the purchaser provide their signatures first.

  • Let the Notary Public Sign the Bill of Sale.

In Louisiana, you will be asked to receive an acknowledgment of the deal from a notary public.