Free Massachusetts Bill of Sale Template

Bill of Sale (BOS) will help secure the sale of any property item in Massachusetts, be it a boat, a vehicle, or furniture. The bill of sale form is considered an official document and can be used in court if the need arises.

You can create this form yourself, but keep in mind that some variations of the bill of sale need to be notarized to become valid.

In our review, you will find information about the bill of sale, descriptions of different types of the bill of sale, and tips for creating and completing the bill of sale in Massachusetts.

What is a Bill of Sale in Massachusetts?

The Bill of Sale is used throughout the United States, including Massachusetts, to make the process of selling a property more reliable and legal.

This document will help you avoid problems after the purchase of the property, as well as allow the new owners of the item to register it if required. The creation of a bill of sale is not necessary for all types of property sales transactions. Still, many citizens prefer to have documentary evidence of the transfer of ownership, especially when it comes to the sale of vehicles, boats, or guns.

That is why a well-written bill of sale is one of Massachusetts’s most important forms governing property sales. Before creating your bill of sale, familiarize yourself with this document’s types to provide all the necessary information about the transaction.

Massachusetts Bill of Sale Types

There are several variations of bills of sale in Massachusetts, each of which regulates the sale of a particular type of property. Below you will find a list of a bill of sale kinds and a brief description for each of them.

General BOS

This type of bill of sale is used when selling any personal property, like furniture, smartphone, or household appliances. These records contain information about all parties and a detailed description of the item.

Massachusetts Vehicle BOS

When selling vehicles, this type of Bill of Sale is applied. It can also be useful when registering a vehicle. The paperwork contains information about the parties and the vehicle.

Massachusetts Boat BOS

This type of bill of sale is required to register a boat in Massachusetts. It contains information about the parties and a detailed description of the boat.

Massachusetts Gun BOS

These bills are used in the sale of a gun. Although firearms do not require registration, the forms are useful for obtaining a permit. They contain information about the parties and the gun weapon.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

In Massachusetts, the bill of sale is used to protect the purchaser and dealer when acquiring property. This form is also required to register some types of items.

The bill of sale contains detailed information about the object, which will help avoid post-sale scrutiny. The dealer is obliged to indicate all defects of the item (if any). The purchasers append their signature and agree that they have read the description and are satisfied with it.

Among other things, after selling the property, someone might use the items in illegal activities. In such an unfavorable case, the bill of sale can prove that the sellers are not involved in the crime since they are no longer the object’s owner.

So, the bill of sale will help you avoid potential problems associated with the property’s sale, whether it is a registration of an item or legal proceedings.

Massachusetts Laws and Requirements

A responsible approach to complying with Massachusetts property sale laws can help you make the sale secure and prosperous for all parties. We recommend you read the state laws carefully before creating a bill of sale. Should you have any doubts, seek professional legal advice.

Massachusetts law obliges citizens to register vehicles purchased from an individual. You have ten days from the date of purchase to register a vehicle. To prove ownership, you need a bill of sale.

According to the state laws, if you buy a boat, it must be registered in any case. The bill of sale is a mandatory document when reporting watercraft.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Massachusetts?

  • Yes, the Bill of Sale is a mandatory document when registering vehicles purchased from an unlicensed individual.
  • Massachusetts law demands all watercraft to be recorded. A bill of sale is required for registration.
  • Although registration of the firearm is unnecessary, you will need a bill of sale to obtain an official gun permit.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Massachusetts

Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to fill out a bill of sale, which is suitable for filling all types of the form. Use our software to generate a relevant file.

  • Enter the Parties’ Names

When filling out the bill of sale, the first step is to indicate the dealer’s and the purchaser’s names. Enter the signatories’ contact information.

  • Specify Info and Price of the Item

After specifying the parties’ information, it is necessary to provide a thorough description of the item and indicate its sale price. Do not forget to report all defects, if any, and item registration number, if applicable.

  • Sign the Document

After filling in the required information, the buyer and the dealer must append their signatures and date the form. Keep in mind that some types of bill of sale must be notarized, and the purchaser must keep the original document.