Free Missouri Bill of Sale Template

It is no secret that the process of selling and acquiring certain kinds of goods requires the transfer of ownership in writing. In Missouri, a special bill of sale form is usually required for such private transactions so that both parties ensure the legality and safety of the deed. Though the form’s basic points are generally common, each state has its peculiarities regarding drawing up and filling out this bill of sale form.

What is a Bill of Sale in Missouri?

Bills of Sale represent the proof of proprietorship after the purchase is made or as a confirmation of proprietorship transfer. These legal forms serve when valuable properties are exchanged or given as gifts as well. The prerequisites and regulations apply to transactions related to boats, vehicles, firearms, and some personal items that cost over $500.

Missouri Bill of Sale Types

Apart from the generalized bill of sale document in Missouri, at least three item-specific forms concerning vehicles (cars, campers, RVs, motorcycles, trailers), boats, and firearms are stipulated.

Missouri Vehicle Bill of Sale                                          

It is crucial to know that in Missouri, Bill of Sale forms should be notarized only when it is an interim permit or the proof of proprietorship when the principal parts of a rebuilt vehicle are sold. Usually, a vehicle bill of sale mentions the following data: personal and contact information, title number, vehicle identification number, year and model, purchase price and date, odometer value, and both parties’ signatures. Private sellers have to account for the sale of any vehicle to the Department of Revenue within a month from the operation date. The grantees should title the purchase within a month and pay the relevant fee.

Missouri Boat Bill of Sale                                                                                                    

The form applies to all deeds related to selling, purchasing, or exchanging boats, yachts, jet skis, and other watercraft and should be notarized. The file must mention the boat’s unique hull identification number and all essential purchase data mentioned above. Contrary to the Vehicle Bill of Sale, a buyer is obliged to register the property within a more extended period — two months after the purchase date. Otherwise, a fine is charged.

Missouri Gun Bill of Sale                                                                                                

In terms of firearms proprietorship rights in Missouri, one is not enforced by the law to register a gun or obtain a permit for any type of handgun or shotgun. The law claims that it is entirely legal for people over 19 to carry a hidden firearm without acquiring a license beforehand. Thus, drafting a bill of sale is not compulsory. Nevertheless, it is a matter of your personal safety, confidence, and the deed’s extra-proof legality so that you may complete the firearm bill of sale for your records. In addition to contact data and necessary information on the sales, the primary features are to be mentioned: the make of the firearm, its condition, model, serial number, and caliber.

Why do I need a Bill of Sale?

It is drafting a bill of sale that supplies the grantor and the grantee with additional legal proof. It defends both parties from mutual claims and potential disputes in the court concerning the property’s condition or possession issues.

Missouri Laws and Requirements

When drafting a form, mind that the Department of Revenue (DOR) cannot endorse this report filled out in languages other than English, so a copy of the agreement written in a native language of the foreign partner may be provided, though it is considered unofficial.

Vessel-related deals are usually required to be titled and reported in Missouri. One should arrange a set of papers, including a bill of sale, a title, and the declaration of origin. A person should report the sale of a vehicle throughout a month after the deal date. This sales invoice is essential to report a motor vehicle in Missouri. If you are the vendor, you should present a Notice of Sale as well. Providing an official safety inspection check report is also a must unless your car is less than five years old. Note that there is a separate form for selling junk vehicles, which should be filed to the Missouri DOR. For further regulations, consult the Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing Division.

Generally, the minimum number of requested copies is two. As for motor vehicles, three copies of a bill of sale ought to be presented: one for the grantor, one for the grantee, and one for the State.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Missouri?

  • The BOS is used as a confirmation of possession for almost any major vessel, so one should supply the BOS and proceed to the Notarial office.
  • In Missouri, a vehicle-related bill should be notarized only when it is a temporary loan or a confirmation of ownership of a rebuilt and renewed vehicle’s parts.
  • When enrolling a firearm, a BOS is advised, though not demanded by the Law, so completing a BOS is at your wish.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Missouri

Filling out the form will not take much time. Use the templates or form-building software presented on our website. Take the following steps to proceed with your papers:

  • Introduce the Grantor and the Grantee

Give full names, domicile and address, cell numbers, zip codes, state, and emails. Additional details may also be necessary on special occasions.

  • Report the Lot in Detail

Describe its make, manufacture year, model, condition, and potential defects. Mention the items’ IDs – the serial number (for firearms), VIN (for vehicles), HIN (for watercraft). Write down the negotiated price.

  • Append Signatures

Finally, make sure both signatories have countersigned the document. Place the right data and ensure the notarial verification of the form in advance if needed.