Free Montana Bill of Sale Template

A bill of sale (or BOS form) states that a trade deal has taken place, and both parties have agreed upon selling and purchasing personal property for a certain amount of money. If you decide to draw such a contract, you should determine whether there is filling out of an official bill of sale form required and make use of our form-building software.

What is a Bill of Sale in Montana?

Montana BOS form is a legally binding written contract recommended by the state to fill out for purchase and sale operations. The document protects your ownership rights and eliminates the risk of being drawn into a dispute in the future.

The state has even generated an official template for vehicle BOS form and encourages its residents to fill it out. This template and other BOS forms are available on the Internet and can be customized by an individual.

Montana Bill of Sale Types

You are welcome to create a bill of sale to prove the fact of selling or purchasing any personal property item, especially a high-priced one. However, in Montana, the common cases of using a bill of sale include:

  • Vehicle sales operations
  • Vessel sales operations
  • Gun sales operations

General BOS Form

This type is used when the items, as mentioned above, are not involved. When you decide to sell any other kind of personal property that is valuable and expensive (for instance, technically advanced goods or domestic appliances) to a private seller, a general bill of sale can help you make the deal transparent.

Vehicle BOS Form

When you purchase a motor vehicle from another person in Montana, you need a bill of sale to prove the transfer of proprietorship rights. As we have mentioned above, the state provides its variant of the form. It comprises the necessary information: the price of the selling item, details of the buyer and the purchaser, and the odometer disclosure statement, which indicates how many miles the odometer reading shows and if it matches with actual mileage. The seller can also indicate if the item is sold for parts. To notarize the form is mandatory in the state.

Vessel BOS Form

Buying a boat from a private seller can be accompanied by signing a bill of sale form. However, it is recommended only for personal records. It comprises personal information about the seller and the buyer, the Hull ID number, make, model, year, length, and other details about the vessel. It depends on your choice whether to sign it before a notary agent or not.

Firearm BOS Form

When two individuals participate in a private sale of a gun, the Montana firearm bill of sale form is normally used. Although when purchasing a gun, you are asked to provide only your ID card to prove that you have reached the legal age (in Montana, you should be at least 14 years old), it is better to prevent yourself from any law-related problems in the future.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

In Montana, a bill of sale functions as a retail receipt indicating the price, the basic features of the item, and details of the two parties engaged. It can also serve as proof of the change of ownership that can be provided in court in case one of the parties litigate a case.

In most states, a bill of sale form is an essential item of the documentation package required to be submitted to a local office to complete the registering procedure. In the state of Montana, a bill of sale is necessary only when there is no title.

Montana Laws and Requirements

We encourage you to visit the official website and read the Montana statutes regulating the process of registration of the property. If you still have questions, you are welcome to get legal advice from an attorney.

As a new owner of a boat, you must register and number it if the vessel is propelled by motor or is twelve feet or more at length. Registration presupposes obtaining a title certificate and a certificate of number. You have to complete an application form, obtain a certificate of ID inspection, and pay fees (the fee depends on your boat’s length). Check out Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks’ official site to prepare the needed sum beforehand.

If you have acquired a vehicle, keep in mind that the registration process must be completed within 60 days since the purchase took place. You need to submit a title certificate from the person who sold you the vehicle. If the seller has failed to provide it, the document can be substituted by a bill of sale.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Montana?

  • As to vehicle registration, the document is requested if there is no other paper proving proprietorship changes.
  • When registering a vessel, there is no need for Montana residents to provide a BOS form.
  • In the state of Montana, no firearm registration is required. That’s why create a BOS form only for personal security.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Montana

Completing the document prevents you from any confusing moments in the future. Make use of our form-building software to ensure the best results.

  • Add the Info about the Parties

Insert full names, addresses, ZIP codes, and valid phone numbers for both parties.

  • Insert Item Details

Input the make and the model of the item, the year of production, and the serial number (Vehicle Identification Number or VIN for a vehicle, Hull ID for a vessel, and any other kind of a serial number).

  • Ask a Notary to Verify and Sign

If necessary, invite a notary agent to verify the validity of the deal. Provide signatures from both parties of the deal.