Free North Carolina Bill of Sale Template

North Carolina Bill of Sale form is a legitimate paper, which allows the residents to sell their goods to another physique. By the time the deal is done, the bill of sale form starts to work as a testimony instrument. This way, if there will be any disputes, both parties will know that there is evidence signed that trade was created legally.

What Is a Bill of Sale in North Carolina?

As stated by the local laws, the Bill of Sale in the state of North Carolina is a certificate for the residents, which they use in the matter of their property’s assignation. Examples of personal assets may be various. Primarily, individuals trade such subjects as wheels, crafts, and firearms. Sometimes the matter of trade becomes livestock and different kinds of farm animals as well.

North Carolina Bill of Sale Types

As we said earlier, there are several types of the North Carolina Bill of Sale form. Each of them is ranked depending on what object became the case of the sale. Here are the main types:

  • Boat Bill of Sale

To register a boat in North Carolina, you must have a notarized Bill of Sale with all the relevant vessel data. Any craft measuring 14 feet must be registered (Vessel Registration and Title Application).

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

Newly arrived North Carolina residents must register their transport with the local Department of Transportation applying the Bill of Sale form in 30 days. Registration of a car obtained from an individual, from a dealer, and an out-of-state car requires different sets of documents. Don’t forget that Title and Registration contain additional fees.

  • Gun Bill of Sale

Any exchange and sale of pistols in North Carolina without a pre-purchased license is illegal. All counties have their licensing laws.

It is also essential to have the North Carolina Gun Bill of Sale, although this is not spelled out in the law. However, it provides security to both participants of the action on the occasion of an incident.

  • General Bill of Sale

Overall Bill of Sale form is used in any case of the arrangement when the object is being marketed or obtained.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

The government of North Carolina doesn’t generally demand residents to build this report certainly. Nevertheless, as soon as you draw it up (and preferably notarize it), you have some sort of guarantee.

For instance, if anything happens to the subject of the deal through the fault of the purchaser, it will release the merchant from responsibility. Therefore, it is crucial to indicate in the North Carolina Bill of Sale full knowledge about the place and day of the action, as well as the requisite data about the object being traded.

North Carolina Laws and Requirements

As in many other states, North Carolina’s requirements for Bill of Sale creation vary in each county.

Each paperwork and form essential for taking possession of a vehicle differs depending on which transport is involved in the event (Laws § 20-52 Application for registration and certificate of title). There are also additional requirements that apply to special varieties of transport. Each document must be accompanied by a legitimate driver’s license. All signatures from holders, if applicable, must be notarized.

When registering a car that was purchased abroad, you must pay the required fees.

Do not forget to consider (NC Laws § 1-339.39 Private sale; personal property; delivery; bill of sale):

  • It is not necessary for residents to notarize their Bill of Sale papers, but notwithstanding notarization is essential if you want to be ensured about the deal.
  • The Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows deciding between English and Spanish languages to build the form. Moreover, it submits multiple varieties of applications in Spanish.
  • Both participants need to hold copies of the Bill of Sale document. It will be a demonstration that the deal was closed and legally accomplished.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in North Carolina?

In the state of North Carolina, it is not essential to create a Bill of Sale certificate. Nevertheless, once you finish it, it will give you the chance to avoid responsibility in the event of an accident. Likewise, the BOS form is legal proof that the deal was treated properly, and all the imperative subtleties were respected. The Bill of Sale is an attachment, which gives you benefits when you register a car or other item.

Creating a Bill of Sale in North Carolina

To build the Bill of Sale form properly, you must observe the conditions. First, choose the form relevant to your county, as every county has its own rules. And then collect the primary information that this form needs.

Use our software tools to accurately and correctly draw up this paper. You need to print the NC Bill of Sale template and then enter everything in order.

  • Insert the Parties’ Data

Mention the full data about purchaser and merchant. Enter their full legal names, along with physical addresses, all the contacts, and notarized signatures.

  • State the Final Payment Date

Insert the exact date of the closing sum, when it was finally paid.

  • Describe a Transaction Item

Provide comprehensive knowledge about the object being marketed (purchased), which will contain a sufficient description, model, make, year of production, and identification number (VIN).

  • State the Sale Info

Interpose the correct day and place where the deal was completed.

  • Write Down the Purchase Price

Fill in the price the automobile (vessel, firearm) had, which was claimed by the time of a trade.

  • Provide Odometer Reading

Name the car odometer reading data and mention if it has any mechanical disfiguration.