Free North Dakota Bill of Sale Template

In the state of North Dakota, residents use a Bill of Sale paper when they obtain or trade some piece of private property. This process is regulated by local laws. Basically, this kind of bill of sale template proves that the deal was handled with respect to the required rules and was completed legally.

What Is a Bill of Sale in North Dakota?

North Dakota Bill of Sale includes different types of texts, which depend on the object being sold or bought. It is a wholly legitimate and licensed certificate applied in the event of the property’s transaction. Making one lets you confirm that the purchase was made correctly. It will likewise secure your purchase from unexpected issues, such as the cost change or replacement of goods with something different from what you wanted to acquire.

North Dakota Bill of Sale Types

Before you start to create your Bill of Sale form, it is vital to choose the type of paper. Consider the traded item and use the correct Bill of Sale form. It is important because every kind of such record includes various data and fields to fill out. So here are the four main types:

  • Firearm Bill of Sale

This example is practiced when transferring property rights to a pistol or any other type of weapon. It is not mandatory, though. But it protects you from responsibility in the event of a criminal episode.

  • Vessel Bill of Sale

This Bill of Sale is used in the trade of recreational water carriers, proving that the deal was performed legally in compliance with every critical detail.

  • Car Bill of Sale

When selling motor vehicles, a Vehicle Bill of Sale is practiced. It is crucial that the car is registered in the territory of North Dakota at the DMV. The paper must hold all the needed invoices and contracts.

  • Horse Bill of Sale

The Horse Bill of Sale verifies the fact that the event was executed officially. The construction of this report is an agreement of both parties in case one of them changes his or her mind.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

As we said above, this form works in order to secure the participants in case of disagreements legally. Thus, for example, the customer will not be able to claim compensation if the damage is disputed. Or the trader is freed from responsibility if the customer is involved in misfortune and receives a fine. North Dakota Bill of Sale, among other things, is beneficial for the subsequent receipt of insurance and registration of a vehicle at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Plus, it is applied at the taxation round.

It is important to remember that ownership must be transferred as well. If any obstacles appear, the new owner of the item will be responsible.

North Dakota Laws and Requirements

Each kind of the Bill of Sale document has its own requirements and rules. Vessel and vehicle owners must have a registration certificate, which is essential.

As there are different laws that regulate the Bill of Sale form-making, below are some of the registration laws:

  • Permits: 39-04-17, 39-04-18 Subsection 2(e), 39-04-21, 39-04-36 (NDCC) — Includes 30-day temporary and combine permit, as well as temporary registration regulations.
  • Legal Name: 39-04-02 Subsection 1, 39-05-05 Subsection 1(f) (NDCC) — Titling process and licenses’ rules.
  • Salvage Certificate of Title: 39-04-44, 39-05-20.1, 39-05-20.2 (NDCC)
  • Title Transfer: (North Dakota Certificate of Title) 39-04-02, 39-05-16.1, 39-05-17 (NDCC)
  • Registration Renewal: 39-04-14, 39-04-14.1, 39-04-18 Subsection 1, 39-04-19 Subsection 2 (NDCC)
  • Staggered Registration: 39-04-14.1 (NDCC) — Describes vehicle types for which step-by-step registration does and doesn’t work.
  • Untitled Vehicles: ND Admin. Rule Ch. 37-12-04-01

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in North Dakota?

In some cases, possessing a Bill of Sale is not necessary (Firearm Bill of Sale), whilst trading the cars and boats needs to be legally equipped with the relevant BOS form, as stated by the North Dakota government. It will work as utterly as accurately you filled it out.

Creating a Bill of Sale in North Dakota

If you collected all the required information and are ready to build your Bill of Sale document, print it and start to fill it out, entering the appropriate data. We recommend using our software tools to make an accurate document.

Here’s our simple guideline on how to make a North Dakota Bill of Sale:

  • Enter the Sufficient Info about Participants

Write down the purchaser’s and merchant’s full legal names, contacts (mobile numbers, states of habitation, physic addresses, and ZIP codes as well). Also, don’t forget to mention e-mails if suitable.

  • Describe the Traded Object

It doesn’t matter what type of BOS you get. Two points never change: contracting cost and the condition, which the object has at the moment of the deal. Likewise, insert the valid info details (make, body type, year of creation, identification, or serial number). It is crucial to provide some key features that make the item unique and different from similar ones.

  • Sign the Paper

As soon as you’re done with the above circumstances, please re-read it and check if everything is correct. The deal is closed after both sides sign and date the BOS form.