Free Nebraska Bill of Sale Template

A bill of sale in the United States (also referred to as BOS form) is a legal document that normally comes into play when two individuals decide to conclude a sales transaction. Creating a bill of sale form is an easy way to record the details of the deal and append an additional level of protection to the rights of private parties.

What is a Bill of Sale in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, the BOS form serves the same purposes as forms of such type serve in other states. After the parties have deliberately signed and notarized the paper, no dispute should arise between them. So, it is always a great idea to draw up such a contract as it bears the necessary information about the selling property item, the parties, and the deal, all gathered in one paper. Although Nebraska provides an official template, it permits residents to generate their own printable or handwritten ones. However, they should keep in mind that they are to include all the details required by the state policy.

Nebraska Bill of Sale Types

In Nebraska, the BOS form deals with different types of transactions (especially when goods of high value are involved). The most common types of the document are listed below. The templates are available online so that you could obtain them within a few minutes.

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

When the subject of the deal is a motor vehicle, this type of BOS form is used to reveal the details of the sale deal between two private parties. Nebraska DMV has designed a template, so you do not need to create it yourself. The form is not valid without signatures and seals from a notary public.

  • Vessel Bill of Sale

When selling and purchasing a boat, you are welcome to prepare a BOS form to protect your rights as a buyer or a seller. Remember that authorization by a notary agent is obligatory in Nebraska.

  • General Bill of Sale

This type of BOS form is needed when your transaction does not include a motor vehicle, a vessel, or a gun. The document deals with any other category of personal property, be it a refrigerator, a mobile phone, or a piece of jewelry. Regardless of the selling item, the form requires specific details: a general description of the item (state if there are any defects), the selling price, personal information about the signatories.

  • Firearm Bill of Sale

BOS form for guns in Nebraska serves only as a means of protection of proprietorship rights and proof of the release from liability. If a sold gun has been used in a crime, you may provide the paper in court to prove your non-involvement.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale serves a lot of purposes. Some of them have been mentioned above. It can also substitute a title certificate for vehicles and boats during the registering procedure if the seller has not managed to hand it over. In this case, a BOS form will serve as evidence of ownership.

Nebraska Laws and Requirements

The local Department of Motor Vehicles has all rules written on the official website. Check them out if it is time for you to register your boat or vehicle.

The Nebraska DMV demands that vehicle owners from other states get a title certificate 30 days after the deal. Meet the deadline to avoid penalties. Nebraska residents must have their vehicles registered before they start operating them on the state roads.

When the document package (a title from the seller, Proof of Insurance, ID card, tax receipt) is ready, you need to submit it to any DMV office in Nebraska.

The registering procedure for boats is identical. Motorboats aren’t allowed to travel by the state waterways unless they are registered and numbered. Non-residents with current registration from another state can operate their boats for 60 days before applying to a local county treasurer’s office in Nebraska. For residents of the state who possess a boat, the rule regarding the deadline is the same as for vehicle owners.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Nebraska?

  • When registering a boat or a vehicle, a bill of sale is required if there is no other evidence of ownership. In most cases, individuals manage to provide the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (also known as MSO) for new items or an assigned title certificate for used ones.
  • A BOS form is not needed to register a gun as the state does not demand its residents report about the kind of deal. However, it has rather strict rules regarding concealed carrying. To obtain a CCW license, you must submit a completed permit application to a local state patrol. The officers will inform you about the next steps of the procedure.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Nebraska

Below are comprehensive instructions to generate a printable or handwritten BOS form in Nebraska. We encourage you to use our form-building software to make the process much quicker. Do not sign the paper without the presence of a notary public.

  • Enter the Personal Details of the Parties

First and foremost, you are to fill out the personal info about the seller and the buyer: their full names, residential and email (if necessary) addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Add the Basic Features of the Selling Item

You can then proceed to the description of the selling property: indicate its make, model, serial number, VIN (if a vehicle is involved), Hull ID number (for vessels), color, year, and other features you find necessary. Write the selling price in dollars.

  • Authorize the Nebraska BOS Form

Conclusively, place your signature in the presence of a notary agent and write the date of the deal.