Free New Hampshire Bill of Sale Template

The New Hampshire Bill of Sale form is an official document created when the property is sold, and ownership rights are transferred. The creation of this free bill of sale form will help secure the sale of any item, regardless of cost. It should be noted that a Bill of Sale is created not only when selling the property but also when an item is exchanged for another item, not money.

In this review, you will find information about why you need a Bill of Sale, when this document is needed, as well as a universal guide for creating and filling out a form.

What is a Bill of Sale in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, the Bill of Sale is used to make the property sale legal and safe for all parties involved.

Even though creating a Bill of Sale is not necessary in all cases of a property sale, citizens prefer to have documentary evidence of the transfer of ownership. That is especially important when selling vehicles, boats, or firearms.

Besides, the Bill of Sale contains a detailed description of the object being sold, which can be useful when registering an item. The detailed description of the object also includes a list of all defects, if any. It will help avoid post-sale litigation.

A bill of sale is one of the most important property sale documents, especially if it is properly drawn up. Before you create your bill of sale, you need to choose the document’s correct variation to provide all the required information about the item.

New Hampshire Bill of Sale Types

Various alternatives of Bill of Sale are used when selling different types of items. Choosing the right document variation will help you provide the data you need to make the document valid.

  • Boat Bill of Sale

This type of bill of sale is used when selling boats. It is also required when registering watercraft.

  • Horse Bill of Sale

Horse Bill of Sale is used in the trade of horses and ponies. Such a document contains detailed information about the animal sold.

  • Gun Bill of Sale

Gun Bill of Sale will help you get a gun permit. This type of document is created when a firearm is sold.

  • General Bill of Sale

This type of Bill of Sale is used in the transaction of any personal property. Such a document contains a thorough description of the item sold.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a document that is required when selling a property if you want to make this process safe and legal.

Also, the Bill of Sale will help you avoid litigation after the sale if something goes wrong. This document contains all information about the item being sold, including defects, if any. By signing the Bill of Sale, the buyer agrees to the terms of the deal.

Another important reason for creating a Bill of Sale is the registration of such property as vehicles and boats. It is necessary to prove ownership when registering such assets. Bills of Sale report the transfer of ownership from the previous owner to the current one.

A Bill of Sale can also come in handy if the sold item was used in illegal activities. The seller will be able to justify themselves, if the need arises, and prove that they are no longer the owner of the item assaulted in the crime.

New Hampshire Laws and Requirements

Even though state laws do not require creating a Bill of Sale for a property transaction, the document is required in some cases.

Taking a responsible approach to familiarizing yourself with state laws governing the property sale will help you achieve a safe deal. If you do not understand any wording or doubt, it is better to seek professional legal advice.

For example, state law requires that you register a purchased boat. In this case, the Bill of Sale will come in handy to prove ownership and provide the vessel’s necessary information.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in New Hampshire?

The bill of sale is not a compulsory document when registering a watercraft, vehicle, or firearm.

Nevertheless, a Bill of Sale can be useful. For example, when registering a vehicle in the state, you need to provide odometer readings and proof of ownership. Once including this information in the Bill of Sale, you can use this document when registering a vehicle.

The bill of sale will also be useful to you when obtaining a gun permit, as it will become evidence of ownership.

Creating a Bill of Sale in New Hampshire

Correct filling out of a Bill of Sale is the key factor for creating a valid document. Use our form-building software and follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Enter the Parties’ Names

First, write down the parties’ full legal names, as well as the seller and buyer’s contact information.

  • Specify Item Price and Info

It is also necessary to enter the item price and give a detailed description of the sold object. Please remember that the seller is obliged to indicate all defects (if any). You should indicate the registration number of the item (if applicable).

  • Sign the Document

After entering the necessary data, the document must be signed. Do not forget to include the document’s current date. The buyer must keep the original document.