Free New York Bill of Sale Template

The New York Bill of Sale Form is a document that provides legal proof of a lawful sales transaction between two parties (two individuals or a business entity and an individual).

The forms contain all the necessary information regarding the buyer and the seller, as well as the property’s detailed description and negotiable conditions. Please note that most Bill of Sale forms do require notarization.

What is a Bill of Sale in New York?

A bill of sale form is a very important document in the state. While using a BOS is optional in some states, it is compulsory to prove your legal rights to the purchase in New York. Besides, the city has some very drastic policies when it comes to registration and licensing of certain personal property items. A relevant bill of sale form serves as a receipt that proves the fact of a lawful private sale.

New York Bill of Sale Types

The New York authorities provide four various types of Bill of Sale forms depending on the subject item. Please get acquainted with the review and main purpose of each bill of sale form below:

  • General Bill of Sale

It is the most basic bill of sale form suitable for various kinds of tangible property. Usually, it contains general information on the buyer, the seller, subject item, and ownership transfer conditions.

  • Boat Bill of Sale

Any motor watercraft requires registration to be operated in the state waters. Submit the relevant bill of sale form along with the Form MV-82B to the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to acquire registration.

  • Gun Bill of Sale

New York gun laws and policies are the most complicated and confusing in the country. Only the city authorities require registration and license for carrying a firearm. Handgun policy is the strictest one in New York. You need the bill of sale form to prove that you have purchased your handgun legally. Then, contact the nearest Police Department for a comprehensive list of necessary documents.

  • Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale

You can register a motor vehicle by submitting a relevant Bill of Sale form, Form MV-912, and an Odometer Disclosure Statement in person to the nearest New York DMV office.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

You may need the New York Bill of Sale form to register the purchased item. Besides, the document provides both parties with legal protection against fraud and helps resolve disputes concerning the item’s quality and ownership.

New York Laws and Requirements

Registration and licensing procedures vary from state to state. Consolidated Laws of New York regulate every sphere of local socio-economic and urban development.

The New York state includes one of the largest cities in the world. That is why local authorities are reviewing and accepting legislative acts very thoroughly. The titling and licensing policies here are very restrictive, but in most cases, it only concerns New York City. Therefore, make sure to check with the local legislature before you proceed with the registration process. Please take a look at our next section for more details.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in New York?

You will need a bill of sale form to register a watercraft, a motor vehicle, and a firearm in the state. Please get acquainted with certain local norms and regulations before proceeding with registration and licensing.

You need to get your vehicle insured before you can register it. After you get the insurance, you will need to submit all the required application forms to the nearest DMV office. Please note that you can only register your vehicle in person. Therefore, check the offices’ schedule beforehand. Due to restrictions implied to counter the spread of COVID-19, some offices might be closed or work to a limited extent.

You need to compile a Statement of Transaction to register a vessel in the state. Provide the Title Application, Proof of insurance and identification, and the Boat Bill of Sale Form to the relevant DMV office to get the certificate of title.

As we mentioned above, the New Your City authorities take some drastic measures to counter unlawful use of concealed handgun carry. Both official handgun dealers and potential customers are under very much restriction. So, if possessing a handgun is truly important to you, prepare to embark on a very long journey to getting your concealed carry permit.

Creating a Bill of Sale in New York

We suggest using our latest software developments to build and fill out the necessary bill of sale form. It is convenient and way less time-consuming. Please, follow our guidelines to fill out the form once you have printed it out:

  • Provide the Parties’ Personal Data

Enter the signatories’ full names and physical addresses. Please note that some forms require this information at the bottom of the document.

  • Describe the Item and all Negotiable Conditions

This section requires a detailed description of the subject item and all trade and purchase conditions, including the way of payment. Please provide accurate identification information on the car, vessel, firearms, or any other thing.

  • Submit Disclosures (If Applicable)

You will need to attach an Odometer Disclosure Statement for all Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale forms. Other than that, just get acquainted with the seller’s and buyer’s disclosure and put a signature in the corresponding box.

  • Provide Date and Signatures

Check if the submitted information is accurate. If so, put the signature and your printed name as a sign of consent.

  • Ensure Witnesses and Notarization

The document may require either notarization or signatures of witnesses. After they put their printed names and signatures, let the Notary Public sign and seal the Bill of Sale form.