Free Oklahoma Bill of Sale Template

What is a Bill of Sale in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Bill of Sale Form (BOS) appears to evince the transaction between two individuals (or a person and an entity) due to which the rights to the possession are being conveyed. The person who is transferring ownership is referred to as a seller. The one who obtains it is called the buyer. Normally, the bill of sale form is used to legitimize deals over valuable personal items, such as vehicles, vessels, handguns, animals, furniture, electrical devices, jewelry, and other things.

Oklahoma Bill of Sale Types

  • The Vehicle BOS

This type of document is created when a motor vehicle (car, motorcycle, trailer, semi-trailer, or other) is being sold, traded, or gifted. The paper contains information about the make, model, body type, year, and vehicle color. You will also need to attach the odometer reading.

  • The Boat BOS

It contributes a precise written account of a transaction involving a trade of a watercraft upon monetary consideration in exchange for a vessel’s ownership. The make, length, year, hull ID number, registration and title numbers, and the odometer reading are found in the paper. If the sale and purchase act involves an outboard motor, indicate that as well.

  • The Firearm BOS

It is designed to prove the transfer of ownership of a gun in the state of Oklahoma. You will have to indicate the make, type (or model), caliber, and the serial number of a firearm. Attach both buyer’s and seller’s disclosures to protect yourselves from any contact with probable illegality involving the firearm.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

The Oklahoma Bill of Sale Form is of utter importance for any resident wishing to keep personal records about selling and purchasing valuable items.

Legal assistants advise creating BOS forms for both parties of the agreement to feel protected. The item is sold as-is, so the purchaser accepts all possible defects of it signing the paper. The seller becomes no longer responsible for the property if it is involved in an accident in the future.

Moreover, Bills of Sale may be required for registering the acquired item.

Oklahoma Laws and Requirements

In the state of Oklahoma, both parties should receive a copy of the document after the contract has been signed. Normally, the buyer gets the original, as they may need it for further registering procedures.

The firearm policy of the state is lenient, and there exist no licensing laws. Considering this, completing a Gun BOS will serve as legal protection for both the buyer and the seller.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Oklahoma?

  • The Vehicle BOS is not necessarily required in Oklahoma for titling and registration but may be presented as proof of ownership. All motor vehicles must be registered before operation on the state motorways.
  • When registering a motorboat, prepare the Boat BOS to show that you legally possess the vessel, though it is not mandatorily needed. If you plan to operate the watercraft in Oklahoma during less than 60 calendar days, no registration will be required.
  • No license or registration is needed to obtain to keep and use a handgun in the state. However, if you intend to get a concealed carry license, you have to be at least 21 years old American citizen residing in Oklahoma. It is necessary to complete a firearm’s safety and training course before obtaining a license, too.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Oklahoma

Use our form-building software to create the most recent Bill of Sale. The information provided in a BOS in different states is similar and usually includes the following:

  • The Buyer’s and Sellers’ Personal Data

Every document has to contain your full names, residential addresses, and daytime mobile numbers. If applicable, submit the driver’s license numbers as well.

  • Description of the Property

Depending on the item’s type, you will need to indicate its size, color, serial or identification numbers, model, year, and other appropriate details. Notify the purchaser about all the damages and defects to prevent possible disputes in the future.

  • Authorization

Check the information twice and append the signatures, accepting the conditions of the agreement. It is necessary to write down the date the seller is supposed to receive the payment and the date this contract becomes effective. If required, witness and notarize the paper.