Free Oregon Bill of Sale Template

The Oregon bill of sale form is considered an important state legal document designed to prove the authenticity of a sales transaction between two parties. The main objective of a bill of sale form is to provide personal information of the seller and the buyer for liability purposes and legal confirmation of the fact that the deal was lawful. You can state all negotiable conditions, disclosures of item’s defects, and any other specific information necessary for property identification.

What is a Bill of Sale in Oregon?

A bill of sale in Oregon is an official document that legally proves the ownership transfer of a certain property item in interest. This form can provide you with all the necessary information either on the buyer or the seller, as well as the item’s identification details. The bill of sale serves as a receipt and a consumer complaint release.

Oregon Bill of Sale Types

There are different Oregon bill of sale types, depending on the purpose and the subject property item. All of them, basically, serve the same purpose. However, there are certain compilation peculiarities according to the relevant Oregon Department requirements. We suggest you get acquainted with the following bill of sale types applied to the Oregon residents in 2020:

  • General Bill of Sale

You may use the general bill of sale form for almost any property subject trade. It will provide with signatories’ personal data and the most basic negotiable conditions.

  • Vessel Bill of Sale

If you ever need to register a watercraft, use this bill of sale form. It will prove that the vessel purchase took place in Oregon and is completely lawful. Further, this form will help you register the watercraft in the state. File it along with the other required documents to the nearest Marine Bond office and get your Certificate of Title.

  • Firearm Bill of Sale

Most firearms do not require registration in Oregon. But the form may still be useful to confirm the ownership transfer.

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

You surely will need a bill of sale form to register a watercraft. You cannot operate any vessel in the local waters without registration and a relevant license.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

Some registration and titling procedures in Oregon require a corresponding bill of sale form. Without it, you cannot confirm a legal ownership transfer. Besides, these forms are to protect your customer’s rights, invoke the seller’s liability, and obtain remedies if needed.

Oregon Laws and Requirements

Property titling and registration procedures in the state are regulated by the Oregon Revised Statutes. As stated by law, a certificate of title is prima facie ownership evidence. The same applies to the ownership transfer. The Oregon Department of Transportation issues all titles of motor vehicles in the state, the Marine Bond issues all watercraft-related titles, and the State Department of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for registering certain firearm types for licensed hunters.

Usually, you must register all property items within 30 days since the change of ownership in Oregon. If you fail to register for some reason, you will be subject to a fine of $25 at least. There is also a state legal peculiarity when it comes to vehicles. The seller has to notify the state DMV office within 10 days about the ownership change (Oregon Revised Statutes, 803-112).

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Oregon?

You do need a relevant Oregon bill of sale form to register a boat (or any other motor watercraft), a motor vehicle, and a firearm in the state. Please, pay special attention to various sectoral departments’ requirements.

For example, the Oregon DMV warns that a vehicle registering procedure may take you up to 14 weeks to get a title. Make sure you do not have any expired plates, driver licenses, or any other trip permits. You will also have to get a Certificate of Compliance by passing the Oregon DEQ emissions test. If you buy a vehicle from a dealership, you do not need to go through these procedures.

Oregon has a curious gun policy. Anyone willing to possess a gun can purchase it without registration. The trick is, when you buy a firearm from a state dealership, they put your name in the license automatically. However, if you want to sell the gun privately, you need to fill out a Register of a Used Firearm form.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Oregon

The ownership and titling matters may seem complicated. We, in turn, are trying to make your life easier. Therefore, we have developed software tools that help you create any legal form you need. Please follow our guidelines on filling out the bill of sale form:

  • Provide the Parties’ Personal Data

Enter the signatories’ full names and physical addresses. Make sure that the submitted information is accurate. Check if the legal names and addresses align with the ID card information.

  • Describe the Item and Negotiable Conditions

The seller will need to fill in the necessary item-related information. It may include the address of the residential property, identification number, make, model, production year, and other relevant parameters.

  • Submit Disclosures (If Applicable)

You should attach specific disclosures to some bill of sale forms. First of all, it concerns the vehicle bill of sale form. You need to fill in an odometer reading and file it along with the form to the corresponding department for titling.

  • Provide Date and Signatures

Both parties should put the current date, their printed names, and signatures.

  • Ensure Witnesses and Notarization

No witnesses are required for the Oregon bill of sale. Make sure the notary public is present at the signing. Then, let the notary put a printed name, a signature, and an official state seal to notarize the form.