Free Pennsylvania Bill of Sale Template

Purchasing used items is a great way to save money in the United States and any other country. However, not all people think of the documents proving the deal when selling or buying used things. Sometimes having such a record is crucial because you may utilize it in many cases: for example, the Pennsylvania bill of sale form.

What is a Bill of Sale in Pennsylvania?

Whether you are creating the bill of sale form in Pennsylvania or any other state, a bill of sale is a document that accompanies various deals. It gives certain information about the agreement, including:

  • Deal parties’ names and addresses
  • Date of sale
  • Item’s description and price.

After a bill of sale is written, parties sign it. In some cases, you will need to notarize the form.

A bill of sale serves as proof of the deal in the first place. With this paper, the former owner passes their right to use the item they sell to the new holder. It is also important to sign this document because the new owner might need it to register the item they have purchased. Without the completed registration process, some things cannot be used in Pennsylvania and other American states.

Pennsylvania Bill of Sale Types

Normally, people use bills of sale when conducting specific deals tied to car, boat, or gun sales. So, the most popular templates are:

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

It is a detailed form that some states require for the registration process.

  • Gun Bill of Sale

The importance of a bill of sale grows if you sell or buy a gun. Keep reading to understand why.

  • Boat Bill of Sale

As with the vehicles, a boat bill of sale is often needed for the registration.

  • General Bill of Sale

If the deal object is not a car, a firearm, or a vessel, you may complete a general bill of sale template. This form will help with any item sale. People prefer using it when selling jewelry, art pieces, technically complex products, or other things.

Another type of form suggested in some states is a horse bill of sale. However, in the state of Pennsylvania, it is not considered popular.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

We have promised to explain why the bill of sale completion is a good idea when selling specific items. So, you should know that a bill of sale may save you in unpredictable circumstances.

Suppose you have sold a gun to someone. Time goes by, you have already forgotten about the deal, and then one day, police appear at your doorstep. They explain that you might be a possessor of a gun that has shot a person. With a signed bill of sale, you can clearly state that the weapon does not belong to you anymore.

The same applies to vehicles. If a new holder faces an accident, you as a previous owner can defend yourself using this document.

Secondly, as we have stated above, you need a bill of sale to register things. Finally, the bill of sale shows significant details of the deal that public authorities may use to count your taxes, for example.

Pennsylvania Laws and Requirements

In Pennsylvania, rules tied to the bill of sale completion are mostly regulated by the local Department of Transportation or DOT (for vehicles) and the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (for boats).

Creating and submitting a bill of sale when you have purchased a vehicle or a boat in Pennsylvania is not compulsory. You do not have to notarize the form, too.

In Pennsylvania, such documents are usually created in English. If needed, the local DOT office may assist with translation.

Do not forget to complete at least two templates: one signed form goes to the seller, another — to the purchaser.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Pennsylvania?

There is no need to provide a bill of sale for boats and vehicles when you register them. For guns, this state does not offer a process of registration. However, you should keep in mind the reasons to sign such a document (those we have provided above).

When you register a vehicle in Pennsylvania, you should submit various legal forms, including MV-1 and MV-4ST. Remember to bring your ID card and proof of insurance.

Among the forms required to register a boat in the state are Form REV-336, Form PFBC R-4, and title certificate. Your ID card is needed, too. To clarify which forms are applicable in your case, you may consult the local Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission office.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Pennsylvania

If you are confused about the Pennsylvania bill of sale form and its content, we are here for you. Our instructions below will help you to indicate all the required data.

  • Specify the Parties

You should add both parties’ names and addresses. If needed, write their contact details, too.

  • Define the Item

Then, describe what is being sold, including the serial number, make, model, production year, and other information that you consider applicable (color, type, size, and so on). Write the price in US dollars.

  • Sign the Form

After the form is written, do not forget to date and sign it. In Pennsylvania, notarization is not mandatory, but you may ensure the form’s validity by asking a notary to verify it.