Free Texas Bill of Sale Template

Americans often exchange goods privately because it is an easy and affordable way of purchasing expensive and unique items, such as vehicles, boats, jewelry, furniture, firearms, and many other objects.

People with experience in private sales would know that one of the best ways to protect private transactions is by creating a legal record of them. The Texas bill of sale form can serve as a legal tool similar to a receipt when you are buying an item from an individual who is not a licensed dealer in Texas.

What Is a Bill of Sale in Texas?

A bill of sale form is a document that parties create when selling or buying items privately to protect themselves and obtain a legal record of the deal and its details. The Texas bill of sale is in that regard similar to a bill of sale in any other state and can be applied to transactions of any item.

The specific details regarding the contents of a bill of sale in a given state can differ, but generally, they would include the following:

  • Names of the parties,
  • Their addresses and signatures,
  • Price and date of the deal;
  • Information about the item (identification number, model, and other identifying details).

Texas Bill of Sale Types

In Texas, many private transactions involve expensive and potentially dangerous items. Recording transactions and ownerships of these items is especially important. Read this section to find out what particular transactions you are especially advised to obtain the Texas bill of sale form for.

Texas Vehicle Bill of Sale

In Texas, if you are selling or buying a motor vehicle of any type, including trailers, you can obtain a bill of sale to secure the transaction. Having a Texas motor vehicle bill of sale makes the deal much more similar to how it would be with an official dealer in terms of security because it will be recorded in a legally recognized manner.

Texas Watercraft Bill of Sale

The process of buying a vessel privately in Texas is similar to buying a motor vehicle. The Texas watercraft bill of sale is also very similar in structure to the vehicle bill of sale, but there are differences in terms of how the items are described in each of the forms.

Texas Firearm Bill of Sale

Statistics often show that Texas has the highest number of registered guns. Many of these firearms have been bought privately. The firearm bill of sale is a very important type of this form for the state of Texas. It often makes the process of tracking the ownership of a gun much faster and allows the parties or other individuals to access information about the sale quickly.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

Motor vehicles, boats, and firearms often get sold privately in Texas because you can arrange a more beneficial deal for a used item with a private seller than through an official dealer.

The other reason is that considering that these are typically expensive objects and their mishandling can lead to unwanted consequences, generating the Texas bill of sale form for your transaction may be very helpful if any complications arise. For example, if the purchaser does not go through with the registering procedures. You can learn more about them in the next paragraph.

Texas Laws and Requirements

When registering a trailer in Texas, you will need a certificate of origin if it is a new trailer, a title if it is over 4,000 lbs gross weight, a bill of sale, and the registration receipt if it is used and under or equal to the above-mentioned weight.

Titling also involves submitting an application to the county’s tax assessor-collector office and paying appropriate fees.

The procedure is similar for other types of vehicles. For titling a used vehicle, you will need a title application, a form of identification, and some evidence of ownership. A bill of sale can act as such evidence. You need to title the vehicle within 30 days from the date of sale.

In Texas, every transfer of boat ownership would require creating a bill of sale. You will also need to notify the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department through their website about the sale by submitting an online notification form. Alternatively, you can fill out the PWD 1340 form and mail it to them.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Texas?

You need to have a completed Texas bill of sale form if you are transferring the ownership of a vehicle (in most cases) or a boat. You do not need a bill of sale for firearm sales, but it is still good practice to have one.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Texas

Use our form-building software to create the bill of sale form you need for your purchase. You need to follow these steps:

  • Name the Seller and the Purchaser.

Write down the names and addresses of both parties in the form.

  • Identify the Item.

Specify the item characteristics, such as the model, the year of manufacturing, the make, and an available identification number.

  • State the Selling Price and the Date of Sale.

Check that the price and the selling date are correct.

  • Sign the Form.

Sign the form to make it valid. You do not have to necessarily notarize it in Texas.