Free Virginia Bill of Sale Template

The Virginia Bill of Sale form is a document created when a property is sold. This form is designed to confirm the transfer of ownership of the object being sold. The bill of sale form is created by citizens to make the sale of property legal and safe.

You can create a Bill of Sale yourself. The main thing is to follow all the rules when filling out the form and choose the correct version of the document. In our review, you will find all the essential info that will be useful for you when creating a Bill of Sale, including a step-by-step guide on filling out the form.

What is a Bill of Sale in Virginia

In Virginia, a Bill of Sale is a form that any citizen can create when selling property, be it a vehicle, boat, or horse.

Among other things, the Bill of Sale can be used when recording a vehicle or boat in Virginia. In this case, the paper will act as proof of ownership and will also help provide the info required for registration.

This document is created to regulate the process of transferring ownership and to make the deal legal. Also, the Bill of Sale can be used in court if there are any problems after the transaction. The form contains detailed info about the object that can help avoid post-sale litigation. The signatures of the individuals indicate that both the dealer and the purchaser agree with the terms of the deal.

There are several types of bills of sale in Virginia, each of which regulates the sale of goods of a particular category. In the next segment of our review, you will find info that will help you choose the correct type.

Virginia Bill of Sale Types

Below you will find a list of Bill of Sale options and a brief explanation of each of them.

  • General Bill of Sale

A General Bill of Sale is drawn up when exchanging personal estate that is not a transport, livestock, gun, or watercraft.

  • Boat Bill of Sale

When selling a watercraft, the Bill of Sale is used. The form contains the parties’ info and watercraft data.

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

This version is drawn up when selling vehicles and motorbikes. It can be used when recording a vehicle.

  • Gun Bill of Sale

The Gun Bill of Sale is drawn up to document the transfer of ownership of the shotgun.

  • Horse Bill of Sale

This type is used in the trade of horses and livestock.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

Virginia Bill of Sale form can be created for several reasons, but above all, this document guarantees the transaction’s security.

The document can secure not only the property transaction but also the post-sale processes. The parties conform to the terms of the deal by their signatures. This indicates that after the purchase of the goods, the parties should not have claims against each other if the document was drawn up correctly. And if the sold object was used in illegal activities, the dealer will have the chance to prove his innocence by presenting a bill of sale. In this case, the bill of sale will prove that the dealer is no longer the owner of the object that was used in the crime.

Also, the document can be completed when registering a purchased item if it is a vehicle or a vessel. When registering this kind of property, you need to present documentation of ownership. The bill of sale can be used for this purpose.

Virginia Laws and Requirements

A responsible approach to state law when trading property is one of the most crucial factors for a safe and successful transaction. Before drawing up the Bill of Sale and the property sale, carefully read the Virginia laws governing this action. If you have any doubts about any of the wording, seek professional legal advice.

Virginia law requires citizens to have a Bill of Sale with them when recording vehicles. In this process, the Bill of Sale acts as confirmation of the ownership transfer and presents the required info for the vehicle recording.

In some cases, the Bill of Sale is also required when recording boats, but not always.

According to Virginia law, both parties must have form copies.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Virginia?

The bill of sale can be useful when recording a vehicle and watercraft. Registering your firearm is not a mandatory process in Virginia.

Please note that when recording a vehicle, this document is mandatory. At the same time, the Bill of Sale performs two functions at once: it proves the ownership rights and presents the necessary info about the vehicle.

When registering a watercraft, the form may be helpful, but it is not always required.

Regarding shotguns, in Virginia, you do not need to record a firearm, but you must obtain a gun permit. For this, you may additionally require a Bill of Sale.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Virginia

For best results, we suggest that you use our form-building software. Below you will find a step-by-step guide to filling out the Bill of Sale, which is suitable for any kind of this paper.

  • Enter the Parties’ Names

The first step in filling out the document is to indicate the parties’ data. Please fill in the dealer’s and the purchaser’s full legal names and their contact info.

  • Specify the Item Price and Info

Describe the object being sold in detail. Do not forget to list all defects (if any). At the same step, you can specify the item registration number (if applicable).

  • Sign the Document

Parties must sign and date the form. The original paper must be handed to the purchaser.