Free Wisconsin Bill of Sale Template

We often decide to sell something to other people or purchase something from them. Private sales occur in all American states. However, sometimes individuals are unaware of the legal documents they should sign when completing sales transactions.

The Wisconsin bill of sale form is one of such papers. This free bill of sale is usually needed when you conduct deals tied to sales, and the parties are individuals.

What is a Bill of Sale in Wisconsin?

This is a legal form that informs about:

  • Closure of the deal on a certain day (and under certain conditions)
  • Transfer of the rights to operate the sold piece (from a former to a new proprietor)
  • Item’s description with its key features
  • Details of the parties that have agreed on the sale.

These points should be reflected in the document, whether you are completing it in Wisconsin or any other state. To make the paper effective, either both or one of the parties should sign it. Apart from signing, the notary’s acknowledgment might be needed: it depends on the state and the form type.

Wisconsin Bill of Sale Types

This document can be signed for any kind of sales transaction. You can sell a car, a microwave oven, a camera, a jewelry piece, or any other thing: bills of sale take place in all these deals from time to time.

However, certain types of goods normally presume the document’s completion when you sell them. They are:

  • Vehicle Bill of Sale

Typically, you will need the document to register a vehicle after you have bought it.

  • Boat Bill of Sale

The same with boats: people should register them after the purchase, and a bill of sale may be required.

  • Gun Bill of Sale

Any time you sell a gun, accompany your deal with this handy form.

Also, in some states, you may see templates of a horse bill of sale.

In other cases, you can use a general bill of sale. The details you include in such a paper are similar to the information in the forms listed above.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

There are at least three reasons to complete the document when closing a sales deal. One of them is getting evidence of the deal closure. Another is proving the ownership transfer. Lastly, as we have mentioned above, a bill of sale is often required to register the bought piece.

Because the paper proves that you are no longer the holder of the item, if the new holder misuses it, you will be able to defend yourself by providing the paper as an alibi.

Wisconsin Laws and Requirements

In Wisconsin, the rules tied to bills of sale are not strict. For example, you are not obliged to submit the document when you register a vehicle or a boat. These provisions are included in the norms of the local Department of Motor Vehicles (or DMV) and the Department of Natural Resources (or DNR).

Also, notarization of these forms is not necessary for Wisconsin. However, you should remember that the notarization of legal documents ensures their effectiveness.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Wisconsin?

Previously, we have mentioned that you do not need the form when you register a vehicle or a vessel. Instead of the bill of sale, you should submit other papers.

For a boat registration, you ought to prepare a “Record of sale” form. For vehicles, a seller notification form and title certificate will replace a bill of sale when registering in Wisconsin.

The DMV and DNR suggest completing a bill of sale for your personal records; however, the registration requirements underline that you do not need to submit this paper.

As in many American states, you should not register firearms in Wisconsin. But we recommend signing the document just in case. One day the firearm you owned may be a part of the crime, and you would have to prove that it is not yours.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Wisconsin

There are details you cannot skip when completing the document in all states, including Wisconsin. We have figured out how to create the Wisconsin bill of sale form properly, and now we are ready to share the highlights and hints with you.

  • Describe the Item

You have to include the item’s basic features in the document. These features are the unique serial number, manufacturing year, make, and model. If needed, state the color, style, type, or other applicable details.

When you sell a horse, you should include its date of birth and skin color. For vehicles and boats, you are required to indicate the VIN or HIN. Write the caliber and serial number if you sell a firearm.

The item’s price in US dollars is essential for a bill of sale.

  • Name the Parties

Apart from writing each deal party’s name, indicate their full addresses. Contact information might be useful, too. If there is more than one buyer or seller, add the details for each person.

  • Sign the Document

Without the parties’ signatures, a bill of sale does not make any sense. Write the date when you sign the paper and conducting the deal. We remind you that you should not notarize the document in Wisconsin. However, you can do it if preferred