Free West Virginia Bill of Sale Template

One of the legal records you use when conducting any private sales deal is a bill of sale form. Each American state has its suggestions and regulations regarding this paper; however, its structure and the things you include there stay the same.

What is a Bill of Sale in West Virginia?

It is a versatile form that confirms your deal has closed. Besides, the West Virginia bill of sale form reflects that the previous proprietor does not have the right to use the sold piece. In this paper, you state:

  • The sale date and place where the deal is conducted
  • The item’s price
  • Details of the people who conduct the sales transaction
  • Info about the item (the serial number, make, production year, and other details).

Usually, both parties have to leave their signatures on such papers. However, in some states, only the seller will do so.

Some cases also require the notary’s signature. Even if it is not needed in your case, keep in mind that notarizing any legal form is a good idea.

West Virginia Bill of Sale Types

Although you may complete and sign this form when selling or purchasing any of the goods, there is a couple of bill of sale types usually mentioned in West Virginia, including:

  • Vehicle or Boat Bill of Sale

Any motor vehicle or vessel sale should be accompanied by a bill of sale in West Virginia. The template fits all such deals and is also referred to as DMV-7-TR Form.

  • Firearm (or Gun) Bill of Sale

It is vital to sign the document when you sell a gun. The reason to do so is revealed below.

  • Horse Bill of Sale

When you sell a horse in West Virginia, signing a bill of sale can be useful. You have to include its date of birth and color in the document.

  • General Bill of Sale

If you are not selling (purchasing) a vehicle, a vessel, a gun, or a horse, you may use another template, called a general bill of sale. Whether the deal object is a camera, a laptop, a smartphone, or another item, you can complete and sign the document to protect yourself.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

As you already know, the document is useful for many reasons. Firstly, you can prove that the sales transaction has occurred with a bill of sale. Secondly, sometimes you will need the form for the vehicle or vessel registration. Thirdly, the bill of sale completion’s key goal is to prove the property’s transfer: the form states that the former proprietor will no longer use the thing.

Think of the situation where you have sold a firearm. At some point, the purchasing party may shoot somebody. With a bill of sale, you will avoid facing accusations and going to court: the paper will confirm that you are not the owner and become a part of your alibi if needed.

West Virginia Laws and Requirements

In West Virginia, most such documents are regulated by the local Department of Motor Vehicles (or DMV). If you need to submit this form or complete the registration process, you may consult the local DMV representatives in advance.

Usually, you have to get the notary acknowledgment after signing the document in West Virginia.

Do I need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in West Virginia?

Yes, you often need this document to complete the registration process in West Virginia for vehicles and vessels. To find out more details, apply to the DMV Office in your area.

Gun registration is not obligatory in West Virginia, so you will not need the document to register. However, we have provided a rationale to create and sign this form in this specific case.

Creating a Bill of Sale in West Virginia

Sometimes, when creating legal documents in the US, you feel like you need some hints. Our guidelines reveal how to complete the West Virginia bill of sale form.

Every such document should contain:

  • Item’s characteristics

In the document, you ought to specify what has been sold. For instance, when selling a car, disclose its VIN (or vehicle identification number), make, model, and production year. The same should be written for a vessel (write the HIN instead of the VIN). In West Virginia, parties also write the item’s color and body type.

For a gun bill of sale, remember to add the caliber and serial number.

After describing the sold thing, you have to write the selling price both parties agreed on in a bill of sale (in US dollars).

  • Sellers’ and purchasers’ details

It is impossible to create a valid bill of sale without the sellers’ and buyers’ personal data. Anytime you complete such a form, remember to add the names and addresses. To stay in contact, many people prefer adding email addresses or phone numbers.

  • Parties’ signatures and the date of signing

Both sellers and purchasers sign bills of sale in West Virginia. It is one of the American states where you also should notarize this document. Do not forget to date the form.