Free Wyoming Bill of Sale Template

Private transactions of used products between independent parties can be secured with a short and straightforward document called a bill of sale. This form can act as a receipt of any private deal. Sellers and purchasers in Wyoming can make a Wyoming bill of sale form to secure their transactions.

What Is a Bill of Sale in Wyoming?

Bill of sale forms can apply to different objects such as jewelry, furniture, and art. Most individuals who want to generate a bill of sale template in Wyoming plan to trade used motor vehicles, vessels, and firearms. Any example of a Wyoming bill of sale, independently of what item it applies to, will incorporate:

  • The seller’s and the purchaser’s personal information,
  • Their signatures,
  • A detailed description that can identify the product,
  • Key facts about the deal.

Buyers and sellers may need to access the above-mentioned information in certain situations requiring legal acknowledgment of these records. A bill of sale is the easiest way of recording these points for legal purposes.

Wyoming Bill of Sale Types

Wyoming buyers and sellers trade privately various items. Here we cover the most popular types of the Wyoming bill of sale form.

Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale

A surprising majority of around three-quarters of all American drivers have purchased their car used. It is easy to suggest that other types of motor vehicles also get sold mostly privately these days. The market of used vehicles can make a model you have been looking for much more accessible. Creating a Wyoming vehicle bill of sale will record the deal and secure the parties’ rights.

Wyoming Watercraft Bill of Sale

The variety of boats offered by private sellers is also vast. Buying a new boat may be expensive. You can get a second-hand vessel and pay less. To secure your expedient transaction, generate a Wyoming watercraft bill of sale.

Wyoming Firearm Bill of Sale

Firearms is another type of product that many Americans prefer to buy used. It is also potentially a dangerous item. Mishandling of a gun can get the previous owner in trouble if there is no clear record of them transferring the ownership to the purchaser. This is why, if you have decided to sell or buy a firearm privately in Wyoming, you should consider creating the Wyoming bill of sale to record the release of liability.

Why Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

We have already mentioned that if the item you have sold is mishandled in the future, you may benefit from having proof of releasing liability for the said item. A bill of sale is a written guarantee that you have transferred the rights to the item and are no longer responsible for it. This is very important and advantageous if it concerns objects that can harm other people, such as vehicles or firearms.

Moreover, sometimes the new owners fail to register the item in their name properly. If they have not followed the registering procedures, you may still be considered the owner. To get rid of any associations with the item, the seller can generate a bill of sale.

The buyer equally benefits from creating a bill of sale. Considering it typically applies to sales of used items, it is worth having a document describing the item at the time of the sale. Besides that, a bill of sale can make such procedures as registering the item with the local authorities easier.

Wyoming Laws and Requirements

In Wyoming, vehicle registering procedures often depend on the county of residence of the new owner. Generally, the seller has to issue a bill of sale to the owner. They can issue a dealer invoice instead. These count as proof of ownership. The seller also needs to provide the buyer with the title. In addition to these documents, the buyer will need proof of insurance. The purchaser has 45 days to complete the registration and has to pay the sales tax.

If you have bought a boat in Wyoming, you can safely operate it for up to 30 days if you have a notarized bill of sale. To properly transfer the ownership, you will need to get the title from the seller, obtain proof of paying the sales tax, and register your vessel with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. You have to always notarize a bill of sale in Wyoming.

You do not need a bill of sale or registration for a firearm in Wyoming.

Do I Need to Have a Bill of Sale to Register a Vehicle, Watercraft, or Firearm in Wyoming?

Yes, if you are buying a motor vehicle or a boat in the state of Wyoming from a private seller, you must have a notarized bill of sale or a different proof of ownership for registering them. This does not apply to firearm transactions. Check the specific requirements with your local county.

Creating a Bill of Sale in Wyoming

Follow the easy steps outlined below and use our form-building software to achieve the best results when creating your bill of sale.

  • Name the Seller.

The seller provides their name first.

  • Specify the Item.

Define what item is sold. You can choose an option from the list or specify it yourself.

  • Describe It In Detail.

Include a full description of the item: the year, model, make, and, most importantly, identification number.

  • Confirm the Price.

Specify the actual selling price.

  • Identify the Buyer.

Include the buyer’s full name and contact address.

  • Sign and Date the Form.

Both parties can sign the form. It should be accurately dated.

  • Let the Notary Public Sign the Form.

The Wyoming bill of sale form has to be notarized.