Free Alaska Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When selling or purchasing automobiles in Alaska, individuals should utilize bills of sale to record the transition of ownership. Although local authorities don’t always require using an Alaska motor vehicle bill of sale, this paper may be quite useful for both parties. Bills of sale should contain information about the sides, the vehicle being sold, and the transaction itself.

alaska vehicle bill of sale
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Explaining Alaska’s Motor Vehicle Bills of Sale

An Alaska motor vehicle bill of sale is a kind of deeds utilized to record the transition of ownership over a given vehicle. This document may be needed to register a newly purchased off-highway vehicle in the state of Alaska. However, automobiles and commercial vehicles can be registered without a car bill of sale.

If you are a citizen of Alaska purchasing a new vehicle from a dealer or an individual seller, you must register it within 10 days. The same time limit applies to those establishing residency or moving to the state for work. If you are a citizen of another state, you are allowed to drive a vehicle on the territory of Alaska for 60 days without registration.

A bill of sale form can be obtained from any Department of Motor Vehicles or downloaded for free from our website. We provide a library of printable PDF documents along with a form builder that allows you to create a custom template.

How to Register a Vehicle in Alaska?

When registering vehicles with the local DMV, you don’t necessarily need to use a bill of sale. In addition, the state’s dealerships commonly hand all required documents to the DMV whenever you purchase a vehicle from them. Hence, the information below is particularly important to those purchasing used cars. Here’s a list of papers a person needs to register a vehicle:

  • Form 812. Also known as an Application for Title and Registration, this form is necessary to use whenever registering an automobile.
  • VIN Inspection. A DMV-approved inspector must examine the vehicle to ensure that the VIN is authentic.
  • Fees and taxes. Any person registering a vehicle in Alaska must pay a Motor Vehicle Registration Tax.
  • Title. The vehicle’s previous owner must reassign the title to the buyer.
  • Registration document. When buying a used vehicle, you must provide its current registration certificate.
  • Bill of sale. This document is only required when registering off-highway vehicles, such as ATVs or snowmachines.