Free Delaware Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

The state of Delaware provides individuals and privately owned businesses with a convenient way to record the transition of ownership over personal property. Motor vehicles, including automobiles and vessels, should be sold and purchased using a Delaware motor vehicle bill of sale. This document is a legally recognized way to record the transaction. It helps protect the interests of both participating sides and may be necessary to register a newly obtained vehicle.

delaware vehicle bill of sale
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Why Use Motor Vehicle Bills of Sale When Trading Automobiles in Delaware?

If you are selling a vehicle, an auto bill of sale can officially lift liability for this asset from your shoulders. Hence, you won’t be held accountable if the vehicle is involved in an accident or criminal activity. A bill of sale also specifies the condition of the car being sold, which guarantees that a buyer is fully aware of all its flaws. In case anything in the car breaks or stops functioning properly after the bill is signed, you won’t be liable for that issue.

From a buyer’s perspective, a Delaware motor vehicle bill of sale is a decent way to prove ownership over their asset. This may be necessary to resolve a dispute over the ownership rights. In addition, a bill of sale may assist you in avoiding paying extra fees during vehicle registration. If there’s no bill of sale submitted, older vehicles will be appraised using an official NADA guide. This model involves estimating the price of the car based on its average trade-in value, which can lift the fees significantly.

Registering a Vehicle in Delaware: A Comprehensive Guide

To register a new car in Delaware, you need to hand the following documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Insurance. The insurance card must be issued by a company licensed in Delaware.
  • Bill of sale. A bill of sale is only mandatory for registering vehicles purchased from dealers out of
  • Vehicle title. Transfer of title may vary depending on the applicant’s state of residence and the previous state of vehicle registration. Refer to the official guidelines for more details.
  • Applicant’s ID. You must provide a valid ID while registering the vehicle.
  • Fees and taxes. Delaware imposes multiple taxes.

If you’re looking for a free PDF template of a Delaware motor vehicle bill of sale, consider downloading one from our website. We also offer a form builder, using which you can create a custom printable document.