Free Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When selling or purchasing automobiles in Iowa, residents need a reliable way to record the transition of ownership. An Iowa motor vehicle bill of sale form provides a legally recognized way to prove the execution of the transaction. This document is not always necessary to utilize, though the parties are strongly suggested to sign a vehicle bill of sale to prevent legal disputes.

iowa vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Trading Motor Vehicles in Iowa?

You are obliged to use an Iowa motor vehicle bill of sale to transfer ownership over a vehicle in several cases only. Commonly, a title with the vehicle’s price and the transaction date would be sufficient to close the deal. A bill of sale can be used to present automobiles as gifts or to provide the sides with additional proof of ownership change. If you decide to sign the form, consider using the state-authorized template. Bills of sale are necessary for selling vehicles to residents of Iowa, while selling to persons from different states requires a title only.

Mind that the state of Iowa requires bills of sale to be notarized to obtain legal power. The documents must be printed out and completed in ink. A state-authorized PDF template of the paper can be obtained from our website for free. If you’re looking for a custom solution, consider using our form builder to design a highly personalized printable document.

How to Register a Motorized Vehicle in Iowa?

If you have recently moved to Iowa or acquired a new vehicle in any way, you must complete the registration procedure within 30 days. If the vehicle is currently registered and you have a bill of sale, you can even drive it on public roads within this period. However, it is suggested to complete the registration procedure as soon as possible to avoid any issues with the law. To register a newly obtained vehicle, you need the following documents:

  • Vehicle title. To register a car in Iowa, you must include two statements on the title: odometer disclosure (Form 411077) and damage disclosure (Form 411108). An odometer reading is necessary for registering vehicles released within a 10-year period. A damage disclosure only covers vehicles manufactured within the last eight years.
  • Bill of sale. The document must be notarized to be considered valid.
  • Insurance. The vehicle must be insured by a company licensed to operate in Iowa.
  • Applicant’s ID. You need a driver’s license issued in Iowa to register a vehicle.