Free Louisiana Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Louisiana motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal form signed by a buyer and a seller during the transition of a vehicle. It’s used to keep a record of the transaction, specify the details about the car, and outline payment conditions. Bills of sale have multiple advantages, as they simplify the registration of automobiles in other states and prove ownership over an asset whenever needed.

louisiana vehicle bill of sale
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Why Use Bills of Sale for Trading Motor Vehicles in Louisiana?

Although you’re not obliged to use a Louisiana motor vehicle bill of sale to trade vehicles within this state, it is suggested to sign this document. Bills of sale provide a convenient and simple way to confirm the sides’ agreement and acknowledgment of the sale’s details. In addition, these documents can be helpful in resolving disputes over ownership rights. If you need to fill in a tax statement, a vehicle bill of sale will be useful to prove that you’ve sold or purchased certain assets.

Mind that bills of sale in Louisiana require notarization to obtain legal power. In addition, you are obliged to use a state-authorized form for the document to be considered valid. A printable bill of sale template in any convenient format (PDF, DOCX, or other widespread option) can be downloaded from our website. If you need a highly customized solution, consider using our free form builder.

How to Register a Motor Vehicle in Louisiana?

To register a vehicle with the state authorities, you’d need to visit an Office of Motor Vehicles within 40 days after the purchase. The following documents must be provided:

  • Vehicle Application. Also known as Form DPSMV 1799, this document is necessary for obtaining a vehicle title in Louisiana.
  • Applicant’s ID. A local driver’s license or a state ID is required. If your license was issued in a different state, make sure to obtain a Louisiana license before applying for a title.
  • Inspection Certificate. All motorized vehicles must be inspected by the state authorities before registration.
  • Fees and taxes. A detailed description of all charged fees is available on

After selling a vehicle in Louisiana, one must notify the authorities using a Notice of Vehicle Transfer (Form DPSMV 1697). The document can be completed online or in a local Office of Motor Vehicles within five days after the deal.