Free Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When purchasing or selling a motor vehicle in the state of Maine, the parties need a reliable legal document to record the transaction. A Maine motor vehicle bill of sale is a form that satisfies this need. This document provides multiple advantages, and it is required to transfer ownership over motorized vehicles in Maine.

maine vehicle bill of sale
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What Is a Maine Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale?

Bills of sale are legal documents that assist individuals and private businesses in keeping a record of transactions. A Maine motor vehicle bill of sale must be signed whenever purchasing or selling an automobile in this state. It may also be necessary for selling your vehicle to a resident of another state or for registering a newly obtained car. A car bill of sale template must specify information about the participating sides, the vehicle being sold, and the transaction details.

If you’re a resident of Maine selling a vehicle to another resident of this state, there’s no need to notarize a bill of sale; signatures of both sides would be sufficient for the document to be viewed as valid. However, notarization may be required if the vehicle will be transferred to a different state. Remember that a bill of sale must follow a specific format. A printable state-authorized template of the document in PDF can be downloaded from this website for free. There’s also a form builder available if you need a personalized solution.

Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Registering a Vehicle in Maine?

Yes, you would need to provide a signed and completed bill of sale to register a motorized vehicle. Remember that it doesn’t matter from whom you are buying a car; Maine requires all drivers to complete the registration of their vehicles themselves. Hence, even if you’re purchasing a vehicle from an authorized dealership, you will be responsible for registering the car. The following documents must be submitted to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles:

  • Municipal tax. Mind that taxation varies from one place to another; contact your town office for more details on charged taxes.
  • Bill of sale. If you purchased the vehicle from a dealership, you may provide a sales agreement instead.
  • Vehicle title. The title is transferred from the previous owner to the new one at the moment of signing a bill of sale.
  • Insurance. The vehicle being registered must be insured in the state of Maine.
  • Registration application. You must provide a white and yellow copy of the document to register a vehicle.