Free Minnesota Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When exchanging motor vehicles in the state of Minnesota, individuals and private businesses should utilize bills of sale to record the transactions. A Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale isn’t always necessary; however, it’s advised to sign the document even if there is no legal requirement to do so. Bills of sale have multiple advantages and would be quite useful should there arise any issues with the law.

minnesota vehicle bill of sale
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Why Use Bills of Sale When Trading Motor Vehicles in Minnesota?

There’s no legal requirement to use bills of sale to exchange motor vehicles in the state of Minnesota. Still, it is strongly suggested to sign a document whenever selling or purchasing a vehicle. Bills of sale may be necessary for registering automobiles and vessels outside of Minnesota. Proving the transition of ownership with a car bill of sale lifts legal liability from a seller. In addition, a Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale can act as evidence in court or help buyers prove ownership over their assets.

Mind that some types of vehicles require using a bill of sale in any case since they aren’t titled in Minnesota. For instance, snowmobiles must be sold or purchased with a bill of sale, as this document is needed to register a newly obtained vehicle. A physical copy of a state-authorized bill of sale form can be obtained at any Deputy Registrar Office. You can also download a printable PDF template of the paper from this website for free. If you need a custom document, consider using our form builder to design a personalized template.

How to Register a Vehicle in Minnesota?

If you have recently moved to Minnesota, you have 60 days to register all vehicles in your possession. The following documents should be provided to the Deputy Registrar Office to apply for a title:

  • Form PS2000. This document is also known as an Application to Title or Register a Vehicle. It should specify all details of the vehicle, buyer, seller, and paid taxes.
  • Odometer disclosure. The seller is obliged to provide an odometer disclosure statement at the moment of transferring the vehicle.
  • Vehicle title. The title acts as proof of vehicle ownership in Minnesota. If there’s no title available, the application should provide a registration card instead.
  • Applicant’s ID. A list of accepted documents can be found on