Free Mississippi Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When trading vehicles in the state of Mississippi, one may need to utilize a bill of sale to record the transaction. A Mississippi motor vehicle bill of sale is a document created to confirm the transition of ownership over an asset. Under certain circumstances, you may need to use a vehicle bill of sale to register a car or sell it to a resident of another state.

mississippi vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling or Purchasing a Vehicle in Mississippi?

No, a bill of sale isn’t always required to sell or purchase a vehicle. When transferring a title, the parties may not sign a Mississippi motor vehicle bill of sale if the title specifies the car’s price. In addition, authorized dealerships commonly complete all paperwork for their customers, so you won’t need a bill of sale when purchasing from a dealer. Vehicles manufactured before 1969 and ATVs don’t require titling under Mississippi regulations.

Even though a bill of sale isn’t necessary to utilize, it’s strongly advised to sign a document whenever purchasing a vehicle from a private party. A bill of sale can protect the interests of both the buyer and the seller by providing legally recognized proof of the transaction. If you’re selling a car, the bill will confirm relinquished liability for the asset. From the buyer’s perspective, a bill of sale may be necessary to register the newly obtained vehicle (if the title doesn’t specify the price).

Registering a Vehicle in Mississippi

To register an automobile with the Mississippi authorities, one must visit a Tax Collector’s office in their county. Mind that you aren’t allowed to drive a vehicle on public roads without registration. The procedure must be completed within seven days from the date of purchase. If you are obtaining residency in Mississippi, you’ll have 30 days to register an automobile. The following documents are required to transfer the title and complete registration:

  • Applicant’s ID. A valid driver’s license or a state ID is necessary.
  • Application for Mississippi Title and License. This form must be completed and signed by an applicant or their representative.
  • Vehicle title. To register a vehicle, one must provide its title and current registration documents.
  • Taxes and fees. See the official guide for a full list of charged taxes on
  • Bill of sale (optional). If you are importing a vehicle, a bill of sale is mandatory.

If you’re looking for a printable template of a Mississippi motor vehicle bill of sale in PDF, consider checking out our library. You can also utilize our free form builder to design a custom document.