Free New Hampshire Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you’re planning to purchase a car from a private party in New Hampshire, it’s strongly advised to use an auto bill of sale. A New Hampshire motor vehicle bill of sale isn’t necessarily required to sell or purchase this kind of movables. However, you may need this document to register certain types of vehicles, prove ownership over your assets, and sell the vehicle to another state’s resident.

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new hampshire vehicle bill of sale
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Why Use Bills of Sale When Trading Vehicles in New Hampshire?

A New Hampshire motor vehicle bill of sale must be utilized when selling or purchasing vehicles that are exempt from titling. These include snowmobiles, boats, mopeds, mobile homes, and some other types. Other vehicles must be titled properly, with the title acting as proof of ownership instead of a bill of sale. When transferring the title to a new owner, a seller must specify all details of a vehicle, including its price and the date of purchase.

Even though a bill of sale isn’t necessary for selling or purchasing a car in New Hampshire, signing this document may prevent multiple problems. For instance, a bill of sale form may be required to register a vehicle in another state when establishing residency there. The paper lifts legal liability from the seller, so you won’t be held accountable if the car is involved in a crime. From a buyer’s perspective, a bill of sale is useful to prove ownership over valuable assets, which is necessary for qualifying for a loan.

A Guide to Registration of Vehicles in New Hampshire

To register a newly obtained vehicle in New Hampshire, you must be a resident of this state. The registration procedure must be completed within 60 days from establishing residency or purchasing a new vehicle. To apply for a title, you’d need to visit the Town Clerk and provide the following documents:

  • Certificate of title. If the vehicle is currently titled, this document must be used to transfer ownership,
  • Title Application. Fill in the blue copy of the application form and provide it to the Town Clerk.
  • Fees and taxes. Mind that taxes may vary depending on the county and vehicle type.

Proof of residency. A local driver’s license or a state ID can act as proof of residency.