Free North Dakota Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When selling or purchasing motorized vehicles in the state, the parties need a reliable legal form to record the transition of ownership. A North Dakota motor vehicle bill of sale (also known as Form SFN 2888) is a suitable document to utilize when trading automobiles, vessels, or trailers. Bills of sale can act as proof of ownership when a vehicle title is absent or not available, and they may be required to register vehicles.

north dakota vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling a Vehicle in North Dakota?

This document isn’t always required to sell a vehicle to another resident of North Dakota. If there is a vehicle title specifying the sale price and transaction date, the bill isn’t necessary. However, you must provide a North Dakota motor vehicle bill of sale to register vehicles imported from other countries or states. Bills of sale are frequently utilized to trade cars classified as antiques. If a vehicle isn’t currently titled, a free bill of sale template for a car will be necessary to obtain a North Dakota title.

The paper must be notarized to be considered valid. Remember that you need to reproduce a state-authorized form for the document to come into legal force. A printable PDF template of any document can be downloaded from our library. One can also avail of our free form builder to design a highly customized bill.

How to Register a Vehicle in North Dakota?

It’s worth noting that the authorities allow operating unregistered automobiles for five days after the date of purchase. If you’re driving an unregistered vehicle, you must carry some proof of ownership (bill of sale or title) with a date specified. As a rule, authorized dealerships provide titling services for an additional payment. According to the state’s official guide, you need the following documents to register your means of transportation:

  • Form SFN 2872. This document is also known as an Application for Certificate of Title and Registration. It must be completed and signed by an applicant and handed to the Department of Transportation.
  • Identification documents. A North Dakota driver’s license is required to register a vehicle. You may also utilize a non-driver identification card or a birth certificate.
  • Vehicle title. The title is signed over to a buyer at the moment of completing the transaction. If there’s no title available, a person may provide a valid bill of sale instead.
  • Fees and taxes. Charged taxes may vary depending on the vehicle type. Contact the DOT for detailed information on your particular vehicle.