Free Ohio Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

To sell, purchase, trade in, or present vehicles as gifts, residents of Ohio are encouraged (sometimes even obliged) to use bills of sale. An Ohio motor vehicle bill of sale is used to record the transition of ownership over automobiles, vessels, trailers, and ATVs. This document provides a convenient way to confirm the parties’ agreement, and it may be needed to register a vehicle.

Remember that bills of sale must adhere to a standard template issued by the state of Ohio. A physical copy of the document can be obtained from a local office of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You can also download a printable state-authorized template of a vehicle bill of sale from our website free of charge. Consider using our form builder to create a custom PDF document.

ohio vehicle bill of sale
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How to Sell a Vehicle in Ohio?

Since Ohio issues titles for the majority of road-going vehicles, you won’t need a bill of sale to purchase a vehicle within the state. If you’re selling to another resident of Ohio, the document won’t be necessary either. However, an Ohio motor vehicle bill of sale is required to title vehicles imported from other states or countries. You may utilize this document instead of the title to prove ownership over the vehicle being registered. If you’re purchasing an off-road motorcycle that wasn’t previously titled, the bill of sale requires notarization to obtain legal value.

Mini trucks and under speed vehicles must be titled only if driven on public roads since they aren’t classified as motor vehicles. In case you’re operating the vehicle within private property only, obtaining an Ohio title isn’t necessary. When applying for a title, one may utilize a bill of sale to prove ownership, though this is not the only acceptable document.

Registering Motor Vehicles with the State of Ohio Authorities

Title applications should be handed to a local BMV office within 30 days after the date of purchase. The set of required documents may vary depending on the vehicle’s origin and type. Detailed information on titling and registration procedures may be obtained from the official website of the state of Ohio. The following documents are typically required to title any vehicle:

  • Applicant’s ID
  • Form BMV 3774 (Application for Certificate of Title)
  • Vehicle title (for used vehicles)
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (for new vehicles)
  • Fees and taxes