Free Oklahoma Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you’re planning to sell or purchase a vehicle in Oklahoma, or you are about to establish residency in the state, you must register your vehicle. An Oklahoma motor vehicle bill of sale may be necessary for completing the transition of ownership and the registration procedure. Even in cases when this document isn’t required, the parties are strongly advised to record the deal using a vehicle bill of sale.

oklahoma vehicle bill of sale
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Selling a Vehicle in Oklahoma: A Complete Guide

A bill of sale isn’t always necessary for selling or purchasing a motor vehicle in Oklahoma, though it’s advised to sign a document if possible. An Oklahoma motor vehicle bill of sale is helpful for preventing legal disputes over the rights of ownership and may be required to obtain a title. Mind that bills of sale pertain to notarization only when acting as proof of ownership. If you utilize the document to specify the vehicle’s price, notarization isn’t necessary.

Oklahoma regulations allow operating non-commercial trailers without titling or registration. All other types of vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats, must be properly titled and registered with the state authorities. Although bills of sale aren’t always obligatory to use, you should consider recording the transaction with this form. For a free printable template of the document in PDF or DOCX, consider checking out our library. You can also utilize our form builder to design and complete a custom solution.

Introduction to Registration of Motor Vehicles in Oklahoma

If you are purchasing a vehicle from an authorized dealer, they will complete the registration and titling procedure on your behalf. When buying from private parties, you are responsible for registering and titling the vehicle, so a bill of sale is necessary. The titling procedure must take place within 30 days from the date of purchase or establishing residency in Oklahoma. To obtain a state title, you need to provide the following documents to the Oklahoma Tax Commission:

  • Vehicle title. To register a new vehicle purchased from a dealer, an individual can use a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.
  • Inspection certificate. Out-of-state vehicles must go through an inspection performed by an expert of an Oklahoma motor license agency.
  • Odometer reading. An Odometer Disclosure Statement is required to title vehicles manufactured nine years ago or later.
  • Form 701-6. To register a vehicle, a person must complete an Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title.