Free Pennsylvania Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When exchanging vehicles in the state of Pennsylvania, buyers and sellers should sign a bill of sale to prevent future legal disputes. A Pennsylvania motor vehicle bill of sale is not officially required when selling or purchasing vehicles, so it’s frequently overseen by the state’s citizens. However, bills of sale have multiple advantages, so one should consider signing a document whenever possible. This form may also be required to sell a vehicle to a resident of another state or country.

pennsylvania vehicle bill of sale
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Influence of Bills of Sale on the Exchange of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania

The transition of ownership over motorized vehicles in Pennsylvania is accomplished using vehicle titles. These documents help record transactions, and they are required to register vehicles with the Department of Transportation. Bills of sale aren’t necessary to sell and purchase a vehicle or obtain Pennsylvania title. The official guide on the titling of vehicles doesn’t recognize these documents as acceptable proof of ownership.

If bills of sale aren’t necessary for the registration, titling, or sales of vehicles, then why utilize them at all? Well, a Pennsylvania motor vehicle bill of sale is required to sell vehicles to other states (for instance, neighboring New York). A properly completed form may assist residents in proving ownership over their assets in a court or bank. Consider downloading a free printable bill of sale for a car in PDF or DOCX from our website if you need a state-authorized form. A free document builder would assist you in creating a custom solution.

Registration and Titling of Vehicles in Pennsylvania

It’s worth noting that bills of sale aren’t required to register or title vehicles in Pennsylvania. You need to use a valid title transferred to you by the previous owner. After establishing residency in Pennsylvania, a person has 20 days to complete the titling and registration procedures. The same time limit applies to newly purchased vehicles. The following documents must be provided to a local branch of the Department of Transportation:

  • Vehicle title. It is transferred to a buyer at the moment of completing a purchase.
  • Insurance. Any vehicle must be insured in the state of Pennsylvania to obtain a title.
  • VIN inspection certificate. A Vehicle Identification Number must be inspected by a mechanic or public notary.
  • Fees and taxes. A detailed list of charged fees is available on