Free Rhode Island Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you’re planning to sell or purchase a vehicle in the state of Rhode Island, you have to utilize a bill of sale. A Rhode Island motor vehicle bill of sale is necessary for registering vehicles obtained from authorized dealerships and private parties. This document is also applicable when selling a vehicle to residents of other states or resolving legal disputes over the rights of ownership.

Mind that Rhode Island requires using a specific template of a bill of sale to sell, purchase, and register vehicles. The state’s Division of Motor Vehicles provides physical copies of the document in its offices free of charge. It’s suggested to download a printable car bill of sale template from our website. Our complimentary library includes state-authorized templates covering all types of property. Consider using our free form-building tool to create a custom document.

rhode island vehicle bill of sale
Get your free printable Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
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Do I Need Bills of Sale to Trade Motor Vehicles in Rhode Island?

Yes, a bill of sale is required to sell or purchase a motorized vehicle. In addition, this document is needed to register any vehicle and title certain types of them. A Rhode Island motor vehicle bill of sale must be utilized when purchasing from any individual or organization, be it a private seller or a dealership. Bills of sale are necessary for obtaining a title for vehicles manufactured before 2000.

The state of Rhode Island issues temporary license plates, which you can utilize for five days before obtaining regular registration. Mind that the plates are only available to residents of the state who purchased a vehicle from a private party or an out-of-state dealership. The document itself should include a comprehensive set of data about the vehicle being sold and the sides participating in the deal.

How to Register a Vehicle in Rhode Island?

Before selling a vehicle, a seller should obtain the current odometer reading and provide a buyer with the current title and a bill of sale. After finishing the transaction, the buyer must provide the following documents to the DMV (the papers can be sent by mail):

  • Application for Title
  • Rhode Island motor vehicle bill of sale
  • Fees and taxes
  • Applicant’s ID
  • Insurance
  • Vehicle Identification Number inspection certificate (only for vehicles of the 2001 model year or newer)