Free South Dakota Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you’re planning to sell or purchase a vehicle in this state, you need a reliable legal form to record the transaction. A South Dakota motor vehicle bill of sale (Form MV-016) is a suitable document to use under this scenario. This form provides individuals and privately owned businesses with a convenient and simple way to outline the transaction details and prove ownership over assets. The document may be necessary for registering a vehicle with the state’s Department of Revenue.

south dakota vehicle bill of sale
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Are Bills of Sale Required to Exchange Motor Vehicles in South Dakota?

In some cases, a car bill of sale is required to transfer ownership over a vehicle. When selling to or purchasing from a resident of South Dakota, an individual must sign this form. The same requirement applies to residents of the state buying vehicles from out-of-state dealers. If you’re purchasing from a local authorized dealership, a bill of sale isn’t necessary. What’s more, the dealer will submit all necessary documents to the Department of Revenue on your behalf.

Mind that a South Dakota motor vehicle bill of sale must contain information about the participating sides, the vehicle being sold, and the date of transaction. The signatures of the buyer and seller and the vehicle’s price must be included as well. Notarizing bills of sale isn’t necessary, though you may invite a public notary if you wish to do so. For a free printable template of a document, consider checking out our library. There’s also a document builder available, allowing you to create a custom PDF form.

Registration of Motorized Vehicles in North Dakota: A Comprehensive Guide

To title and register a vehicle obtained from an individual seller or out-of-state dealer, a bill of sale is required. You don’t have to appear in a DOR office in person; titling documents can be submitted by mail or another individual on your behalf. The registration procedure must be completed within 30 days from establishing residency in the state or purchasing a vehicle. The following documents are required:

  • Form MV-608. It’s also known as a Motor Vehicle Title and Registration Application.
  • Bill of Sale. This document must be signed by the buyer and seller.
  • Vehicle title. The title is transferred at the moment of completing the purchase.

Odometer disclosure statement. It is necessary when registering a used vehicle.