Free Vermont Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When trading automobiles, vessels, and trailers in the state of Vermont, individual buyers and sellers need a reliable legal document to record the sales. A Vermont motor vehicle bill of sale (Form VT-005) is a paper to be used whenever purchasing, selling, trading in, or gifting a motorized vehicle. It is required to register a vehicle with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain a title.

vermont vehicle bill of sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Selling or Purchasing a Vehicle in Vermont?

Yes, residents of Vermont are obliged to sign an auto bill of sale whenever purchasing or selling a motorized vehicle. Mind that the document is necessary to utilize when buying from private parties. Authorized dealerships operating in the state commonly complete all necessary paperwork on behalf of their customers. A Vermont motor vehicle bill of sale form doesn’t require notarization. The document is considered valid as soon as both sides leave their signatures.

Residents of the state must obtain local license plates to operate a vehicle on public roads of Vermont. The registration process requires you to submit a valid bill of sale alongside other documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles office of your county. Remember that a Vermont motor vehicle bill of sale must follow a state-authorized form to obtain legal power. Such a template can be downloaded from our website. Consider using our form builder to design a customized printable document in PDF, DOCX, or other formats.

Which Documents Are Needed to Register a Vehicle in Vermont?

Mind that you aren’t obliged to visit a DMV office in person; the registration documents can be sent by mail. Consider using the official step-by-step guide to find out which documents are required for registration in your particular case. Typically, the following papers are necessary:

  • Vehicle title. If you’re buying a new vehicle, which has never been titled before, a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin should be used instead of a title.
  • Bill of sale. This paper acts as evidence of ownership, so you won’t be able to register a vehicle without it.
  • Odometer disclosure statement. To register a used vehicle, you must provide its current odometer reading.
  • Vermont Registration, Tax, and Title Application. Also known as Form VD-119, this document must be filled in and signed by a buyer.