Free West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When trading motorized vehicles in the state of West Virginia, the parties are advised to utilize a legal form to record the transition of ownership. A West Virginia motor vehicle bill of sale (Form DMV-7-TR) is a suitable document to use whenever selling or purchasing an automobile. It may be required to register certain types of vehicles and obtain the state’s title.

west virginia vehicle bill of sale
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Selling and Purchasing Vehicles in West Virginia: The Role of Bills of Sale

When transferring ownership over a given vehicle, one isn’t required to utilize a bill of sale. This form may be replaced with a title that specifies the price and transaction date, an invoice, or another suitable document. In addition, residents of the state who purchase vehicles from authorized dealerships have all the paperwork completed for them. Although a free bill of sale template for a car is not always necessary to utilize, it’s strongly suggested to sign the document whenever possible.

When charging taxes and fees, the authorities will evaluate a vehicle based on the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) recommendations, particularly, the Clean Loan Book value. If you purchase a vehicle for less than half of that amount, a bill of sale will be necessary for calculating the taxes. The document will also require notarization. However, if the vehicle’s price is higher than 50% of NADA’s estimate, the document won’t be considered at all.

Is a Bill of Sale Necessary for Registering a Vehicle in North Virginia?

No, bills of sale aren’t among the documents required to register or title an automobile with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. You may utilize different proofs of ownership when filling in a title application. To obtain license plates and be able to drive the vehicle on public roads, you need the following documents:

  • Manufacturer’s certificate of origin. This paper is provided to all individuals who purchase vehicles from authorized dealers.
  • Vehicle title (if any). When buying a used car or trailer, make sure that the seller signs over the current title to you.
  • Form DMV-1-TR. An Application for Certificate of Title must be completed and signed by the buyer.
  • Fees and taxes. See the official DMV guide on titling for a list of charged taxes.

If you need a printable PDF template of a bill of sale, consider downloading one from our library. Our free form builder would assist you in designing a custom document.