Free Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

If you’re planning to buy or sell an automobile in Wisconsin, there are plenty of reasons to record the transaction using a suitable legal document. A Wisconsin motor vehicle bill of sale (also known as Form MV2928) provides a decent solution for both the buyer and the seller. This document isn’t necessarily required to complete, but it may be useful under many circumstances. Some states demand using a bill of sale to obtain registration or title a vehicle. It may also act as proof of ownership whenever needed, for instance, when filling in tax statements.

If you need a free printable bill of sale for a car, check out our library for a free printable PDF copy. We also provide a complimentary form builder for designing custom solutions.

wisconsin vehicle bill of sale
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How to Sell a Vehicle in Wisconsin?

You aren’t obliged to sign a Wisconsin motor vehicle bill of sale to transfer ownership over an automobile or trailer. A title with the car’s purchase price and odometer reading specified would be sufficient to close any deal. However, this document may be necessary if you’re planning to obtain a dealer license and sell more than five vehicles per year. See the Department of Motor Vehicles regulations for more detailed information on dealer licenses.

Mind that registration and titling of homemade motorcycles include a different set of requirements. First and foremost, you must utilize a bill of sale for every detail worth $150 or more. Commonly, these elements include an engine, frame, and transmission, but the prices may vary significantly, so you should calculate the parts’ values yourself. If you’re purchasing a motorcycle previously titled, a current registration document will be sufficient to obtain a new title. Before selling a used automobile or motorcycle, a person must obtain the current odometer reading.

Registering an Automobile in Wisconsin: Is a Bill of Sale Required?

No, residents of the state aren’t obliged to use this document when registering or titling vehicles. To register a newly obtained automobile with the Department of Transportation, you must provide the following set of documents:

  • Form MV1. A Title and License Place Application is filled in and signed by the applicant.
  • Applicant’s ID. You may utilize a driver’s license issued in Wisconsin or a non-driver identification document.
  • Proof of ownership. Signed over vehicle titles are considered valid evidence of ownership.