Free Wyoming Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

When trading motorized vehicles in Wyoming, residents may need to utilize a legal document to record the transition of ownership. A Wyoming motor vehicle bill of sale should be used whenever purchasing or selling automobiles, trailers, and ATVs (or even their parts). In addition, this document may be required to register a vehicle with the state’s authorities.

Mind that a car bill of sale template is provided by the state authorities, so you must utilize one when trading vehicles. A printable PDF copy of the document can be obtained from our library for free. Consider utilizing our form builder to design a custom fillable paper.

wyoming vehicle bill of sale
Get your free printable Wyoming Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
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Is a Bill of Sale Required to Sell a Vehicle in Wyoming?

The regulations may vary depending on the county of residence, but, commonly, it’s advised to record every transaction with a bill of sale. Even if the document isn’t demanded to obtain a title or license plates, it may be quite useful in the future. A Wyoming motor vehicle bill of sale may be required to sell an automobile or trailer to a resident of another state. If you ever move to another part of the country, this document may be required to obtain local registration. It’s generally advised to keep the papers proving ownership as long as the asset remains in your possession.

According to the state’s Department of Transportation, bills of sale are necessary for proving ownership over any motorized vehicle. If you can’t provide a copy of this document, you may face problems when registering and titling the vehicle. When registering homemade vehicles, a person must provide evidence of ownership over each major part regardless of whether it contains a Vehicle Identification Number. Mind that vehicles assembled from different parts must undergo a VIN inspection to receive a new VIN and be legally operated on public roads.

Registering a Vehicle in Wyoming: A Complete Guide

You are obliged to undergo registration after purchasing a new vehicle or establishing residency in the state. Otherwise, you won’t be able to operate the automobile on public roads. Here are the papers that you must hand to the DOT office of your county:

  • Application for Certificate of Title (Form MV-300A)
  • Vehicle title (when registering a used vehicle)
  • Manufacturer’s certificate of origin (when registering a new vehicle)
  • Applicant’s ID (driver’s license or state ID)
  • Fees and taxes