Free Florida Firearm Bill of Sale Template

Selling and buying firearms in the US is regulated at federal and state levels. A Florida firearm bill of sale is a document that may be required to register, carry, and use a gun. Find out how gun laws work in this state and whether you need to prepare the firearm bill of sale before purchasing or selling a firearm.

florida firearm bill of sale form
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What Is the Registration Procedure of Firearms in Florida?

The use, possession, carry, etc., of firearms in Florida is regulated by Florida Gun Laws and Federal Laws. No registration of guns is required in the state. Moreover, it is prohibited to keep any records or register privately owned firearms according to Florida Statute ยง790.335(2). Concealed carry of a gun must be properly licensed.

How to Purchase a Firearm in Florida?

There are two options available for those who wish to purchase a firearm in Florida:

  • Purchasing from an FFL-licensed dealer
  • Buying from an individual

In the first case, you will need to find a licensed dealer. Certain laws that apply to sales through firearm dealers do not apply to private transactions. There is a mandatory 3-day term between the purchase and the delivery of a firearm according to Florida State 790.0655. No Florida firearm bill of sale is required in this case.

In the second case, the transaction can be conducted between two individuals residing in the same state. You are recommended to use a proper bill of sale form in this case but not required. You can find a free template of the document on our site in different formats, including PDF. Fill out a printable form using your PC or print the template and fill it out by hand.

How to Buy a Firearm in Florida Safely?

A bill of sale will protect you against possible charges. If you sell a gun that is later used for a crime, you can prove that you were not its owner at that time. If you purchase a gun and are charged with a crime that occurred before the transaction, you can also prove that you were not involved. Check whether the gun is registered as stolen in the database of the Florida Crime Information Center before you make a purchase. Also, make a photo of ID of the other party of the deal. You can also ask the buyer to show you a concealed carry license.