Free Georgia Firearm Bill of Sale Template

Buying or selling any type of firearm in Georgia may have to be done with a Georgia firearm bill of sale. Find out what the firearm bill of sale is and how to buy or purchase a gun in the state legally and safely.

georgia firearm bill of sale form
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What Laws Regulate the Possession, Sales, etc. of Firearms in Georgia?

Possession, sales, transfer, etc. of firearms in the state of Georgia is regulated by state laws. The Constitution of the State protects the right of its citizens to keep and bear firearms.

Concealed carry is allowed in the state only with a Georgia Weapons Carry License (WCL) obtained through probate court. Open carry of guns also requires WCL.

A person does not need to have any permission to carry a firearm in the following cases:

  • He or she does it at home, place of business, or vehicle
  • A firearm is kept unloaded in a case
  • It is a long gun kept in an exposed manner

There are no requirements to register a firearm.

How to Buy or Sell a Gun in Georgia?

Anyone who is over the age of 21 can purchase a firearm in Georgia unless one is a convicted felon. The person must have a valid ID. A background check will be run if the purchase is made through a licensed dealer in the state. No Georgia firearm bill of sale is required in this case. There are no requirements to report such sales to any state agency. However, dealers are required to make and keep records of such transactions.

To buy a firearm from a private person, you do not need to show any permit. No background check is run in this case and no registration is required. However, to make this transaction safe, you should use a bill of sale.

Where Is It Possible to Get a Bill of Sale Form?

Before making a transaction, you can find a free printable bill of sale form on our site. It may come in different formats, such as PDF. You can print the template and fill out it by hand during the meeting with the other party. Check ID from the other party. The necessary information to include in the document is:

  • Names and contact details of both the seller and the buyer
  • Date of sale
  • Price
  • A description of the firearm

Additionally, you can ask the buyer to show you a valid WCL.