Free Texas Firearm Bill of Sale Template

Such actions like selling and buying firearms are regulated by the federal gun laws and specific state laws. Before you conduct such transactions, you should find out how to do it legally and whether you are required to use a Texas firearm bill of sale in this case.

texas firearm bill of sale form
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Can You Legally Purchase a Firearm in Texas?

In Texas, you can purchase a handgun once you turn 21 years old unless you belong to prohibited persons. Generally, you are not required to register a firearm in Texas. However, this procedure is needed for some types of weapons, such as machine guns, as determined by the National Firearms Act.

There is a range of licensed gun dealers operating in Texas, and you can make a purchase of a gun from them. In this case, you will have to undergo a standard procedure determined by federal law.

In particular, you will be required to:

  • complete the ATF Form 4473;
  • pass a background check

You will have to show your ID to the dealer. You can purchase a firearm if you have been proven to be eligible to possess it.

Private transfers of firearms are allowed in Texas without any background check. In this case, no records are required but recommended. You can use the Personal Firearms Record form to maintain records of all firearm transactions you conduct. This form is available in a printable PDF format.

A firearm bill of sale can also be used to prove ownership transfer. You can find a free template of this form on our site. Both parties must add their signatures to the document to make it legal.

Can You Sell a Firearm to Another Individual?

It is allowed to sell your gun to another individual. The buyer must also be a resident of the same state. You must not sell your firearm if you have a reason to suspect that the person belongs to prohibited persons. While no background check is required in this case, it is recommended to make a transaction through a licensed dealer who can run a background check. It may be charged additionally. Please read the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) requirements regarding the transfer of firearms by private persons. Obtain a license to become a gun dealer from the ATF if you wish to sell firearms in this state regularly.