Free Utah Firearm Bill of Sale Template

A Utah firearm bill of sale may be a document that you should use to sell or purchase firearms in Utah. Before conducting such a transfer, it is essential to find out whether the buyer must have a special ownership permit and other important aspects of gun legislation in the state.

utah firearm bill of sale form
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Can You Possess a Gun in Utah?

Utah Code regulates all the actions that can be conducted with firearms in the state. In some cases, federal gun laws also apply. An ownership permit is required in the state. Possessors of firearms are not required to register them. A special permit is required for concealed carry.

How Can You Purchase a Firearm in Utah?

You can purchase a firearm from one of the gun dealers operating in Utah. You will need to fill out the ATF Form 4473 and show your identity to make sure that you are of a legal age to purchase a firearm and that you do not belong to prohibited persons.

The background check will be run based on your ID and the application through the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). No background check is required if the buyer has a concealed carry permit issued in Utah.

No background check is needed to be run if you purchase a firearm from an individual. It is recommended to use a firearm bill of sale. You can find a free template in a printable PDF format on our site. Make sure that the form contains the fields for adding essential information, including:

  • Names of the seller and the buyer
  • Date of transfer
  • A description of a firearm
  • Price of sale

Ask for the ID from the seller to add authentic information. The form must contain the signatures of both the buyer and the seller.

Can You Sell Your Firearm to Another Person?

When it comes to selling a gun to a private person in Utah, no background check is required. However, it is recommended, and it can be done at one of the licensed dealers. You are not allowed to sell a firearm to a person if you believe that the latter can use it for committing a crime. Check the buyer’s ID to make sure that one has reached the legal age for such a transfer. It is also recommended to use a bill of sale so that it could serve as proof of the transfer.