Free Texas Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template

Specific requirements on registration and titling procedures may apply in Texas. The buyer and the seller may need to prepare a Texas motorcycle bill of sale to make such a deal legal for the relevant vehicle registration bodies in the state. Find out in which cases a motorcycle bill of sale must be provided.

texas motorcycle bill of sale form
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How to Sell a Motorcycle in Texas?

In case of selling a motorcycle, it must be titled within 30 days from the date of sale as stated on the website of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If that has not been done within the set timeframe, the seller may face responsibilities for toll violations, crimes committed with the motorcycle, and tickets. Therefore, the Texas DMV strongly recommends making sure that the title has been transferred to the buyer.

You should go along with the purchaser of your bike to your county tax office to check whether a vehicle application is filed and submitted properly.

You will need to provide the purchaser with the following documents:

  • A properly signed title
  • Signed Form 130-U

A seller should keep written records of the transaction, including contact details for the buyer, the date of sale, description of the vehicle. It is recommended to simply use a Texas motorcycle bill of sale form in this case. There is no template of such a form that you can find on the website of Texas DVM. However, you may try to find a free template on the official website of your county tax office. Also, you can search for it on our site. It is recommended to pick a template that comes in a PDF printable format. In this case, you will be able to open, fill out, and print it quickly.

How to Buy a Motorcycle in Texas?

If you purchase a motorcycle from the dealer, the latter will register it for you. This means that you will not have to go to the tax office. You will need to obtain a receipt from the dealer proving that the transfer of the title has been conducted, and the motorcycle is now registered in your name. If you buy your vehicle from a private person, then you both should go to the tax office to ensure proper transfer of title. In case of a private transfer, you are recommended to use a bill of sale.